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Amazon Pulls Plug On Wikileaks, Kicks It Off Its Servers

In this article we will tell you about Wikileaks under ddos attack.

Wikileaks, the controversial website that’s been making the news almost every single day since it published Afghan war logs over its website, has been facing all sorts of problems in surviving the heat and continue running.

With its latest leak of over 250000 U.S. Embassy diplomatic cables(also termed as “cablegate”), the website has exposed the untold truth behind two faced american policies while dealing with foreign nations.

Although severity of “cablegate” isn’t that high and the cables have rather been underwhelming compared to the earlier hype, still, it has caused enough discomfort to U.S. administration that Wikileaks is literally fighting for survival on Internet now.

For the last couple of days, Wikileaks has been a target of a well planned DDoS attack, peaking to even 10GB/sec of bandwidth overload at some point. When things got unbearable for site administrators, folks behind Wikileaks decided to move the website from Swedish based servers to Amazon servers.

Like most of the hosting providers, Amazon is a self-serve hosting platform and doesn’t screen site content hosted on its servers. So, Wikileaks got successfully running on Amazon servers.

But not too long after Wikileaks deployment on Amazon servers, the news started pouring in that Amazon has supposedly kicked Wikileaks off its servers. Later, this got confirmed by Sen. Joe Lieberman, the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee that Amazon has apparently pulled plugs on Wikileaks as the controversial website violated some unspecified term of use. However, as anyone can guess, this sudden action appears to be motivated by U.S. government itself.

As a result of Amazon’s act, Wikileaks had to go back to its Swedish servers. As of now, the site is back to normal.

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