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Techinline: Remote Desktop Access with Ease and Security

Techinline is a cheap Remote Desktop Access Software which is reliable, secure and does whatever you expect from a remote desktop access tool

The sudden development of internet based services shows that all sorts of technological services will be available online in the future. One of such fast emerging practices is the usage of Remote Desktop connection technology to provide technical assistance.

There are many applications which enable users to remotely perform various operations on any connected computer. Some of them include TeamViewer, RealVNC, Splashtop Remote, TigerVNC, etc. But most of these softwares require the software to be installed on the client’s machine to establish the machine. Techinline is one such service which eliminates this requirement.

Techinline is a web based application that provides remote access solution coupled with many other useful features. Techinline becomes very handy in case of remote desktop assistance as the client is not required to install any proprietary software; the connection is made through the web browser instead.

How It Works?

  • The assistance provider has to log into
  • The client then has to obtain a six digit ID from The client has to give this ID to the assistance provider.
  • The assistance provider has to enter the same ID on this page:
  • A secured remote desktop connection is established between the client and the assistance provider.


There are two main versions of Techinline service. One is unlimited usage prepaid plan which allows any number of connections starting at $30 per month. The second plan is pay per session, which, as the name suggests, allows the users to pay each time they use the service. These plans start at $2.40 per usage. A 15-day free trial is also available for first time usage.

Areas of Strength

  • The connection does not require any proprietary software.
  • The interface is clutter free and very easy to use.
  • Flexible and affordable pricing.

Scope of Improvement

  • It uses only SSL/TLS encryption instead of the AES encryption used by many similar service providers.

Overall Techinline is a very easy to use remote desktop sharing application which has a very clutter free interface. It also has very affordable pricing but provides only a few extra features like file sharing and messaging.

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