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What are Angela and Paul Backlinks

This article will provide information about what are Angela and Paul Backlinks. Both have different methods of providing back links service.

Everybody wants their website to be on Google’s first page. But accomplishing this task becomes difficult if you do not use the right tools. Additionally, Backlinks have the most important role to be played in this regards. If you haven’t got the right back, forget about getting your website in front.

What are backlinks? Backlinks are the links on one website that leads the search engine or visitor to some other website. A backlink is like a reference.  Its like one website is referring to another for a particular purpose, like information sharing or sales.

But what is the significance of it ? Backlinks play a good role in search algorithm used by search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) to know how important your website is ? Each Backlink is counted as a vote in favor of the Website. More the backlinks, lesser the ignorance.
What are Angela and Paul Backlinks
Creating backlinks on your own by posting on forums and blogs takes much more time than what you could  have thought and can turn into a never ending task with undesirable results.

Some Backlinks Services companies turn up which decided to do it for you to avoid such situation and so that you can focus more on your business.

There are many companies in the market that provide backlink services in exchange of money. One of them is Angela and Paul Backlinks. Here we answer for you the question, what are Angela and Paul Backlinks.

Earlier it was two different entities, Angela backlinks and Paul Backlinks with both having different methods of providing backlinks service. Angela’s method is quite simple that provides internal links to your webpage on other websites with high page rank.

No doubt, angela’s method was appreciated by the users and considered to be as the most effective way to get backlinks to your webpages. Whereas, paul has something different to offer. He decided to provide less links, but more of authorized and higher quality.

Later, both teamed to up to give Angela and Paul Backlinks. So you can now imagine the combined effect of the service on your business. They provide their customers with a packet, that has the step by step instructions on how to get more links and how to build links for your webpage. With Angela and paul backlinks service, you need not worry about your website linking and you can focus more on other prospects of your business.

Angela and Paul Backlinks have six different services with different prices. You can choose the best one that suits your business.

Number of backlinks is not what matters, Quality does. But how to know which backlink has a better quality ? There are a number of factors which define the quality of backlinks, such as:

  1. Time: Older webpage is always better.
  2. Number of Linking (OBL): Lesser the OBL is always better.
  3. Site to which you’re linked : If you’re linked to a site full of spam and vulnerable posts, your SEO work is equal to zero.
  4. Page Rank(PR) of the sites that links to you: Not an important factor, still its always better if you’re linked to a site with pagerank of 5 or more.
  5. Linking Site’ Niche: Sites of same niche would work great for you
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