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Love Facebook? then Book your Tickets for ‘The Social Network’

‘The Social Network’ movie revolves around a geeky teenager and his roller-coaster life. This article will share some of the facts about this movie.

For the first time ever, we’re writing about a movie on our tech blog and there’s reason for it !

It’s Nov 12 and David Fincher’s ‘The Social Network‘ has finally released in India. It’s pretty evident from advanced booking status that majority of Indian movie buffs are hardly excited about the movie(aren’t even aware of it), mainly due to poor marketing and audience disconnect with prime subject of the movie but there’s still a big chunk of Indian movie maniacs who’ve a solid reason to go watch it one out and that chunk of audience is millions of Facebook fanatics from India.

‘The Social Network’ movie revolves around a geeky teenager and his roller-coaster life as a Harvard dropout who starts a website in his dorm room, ‘The Facebook’, in vengeance of being dumped by his girlfriend and ends up becoming world’s youngest self-made billionaire, currently running a 2000+ employee company that has undoubtedly become the next big thing on Internet since Google, knocking all its competitors out of the Social networking arena.

The movie is based on real facts and events that happened with Mark Zuckerberg(Founder of Facebook) while taking Facebook from an amateur website to the most popular website on Internet, a multi-billion dollar company that’s probable to go public in 2011, all in a span of 6 years. The movie portrays several key elements like heavy lawsuits, privacy controversy among other things. Current market worth of Facebook(Over $30Bn, based of private investment rounds) in just 6 yrs is enough to explain the super-explosive growth of this massive company and wait, the best is yet to happen, right(IPO) !

the social network movie release India

For an entrepreneur, watching ‘The Social Network‘ will be a delightful treat. But all those Facebook users from India, who spend good amount of time on Facebook, just hanging around, playing social games, watching & sharing videos, poking friends, writing comments on photos, etc will also have an amazing experience in watching the ‘actual’ making of their most loved social network, Facebook.

In the past, there has already been a best selling novel on Facebook, ‘The Facebook Effect’ but this movie is much more glamorous(as expected) and more focussed on Zuckerberg’s personal life and incidents.

So far, I have heard that some facts/events portrayed in the movie are too far from actual facts but I will comment on that after watching it myself so more on that later…

My tickets are booked for tomorrow and I suggest everyone to go watch this one out !

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