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Is Facebook Playing with “Privacy” of 350 Million Users ?

Facebook privacy PolicyWith Facebook Privacy Policy changes, it’s trying to make user data exposed to search engines. Is it good for users ? Find out below.

Now that Facebook has grown to well over 350 million users, it’s an uphill task for them to implement even a small policy change to the entire network population. You never know how users will react to the new policies. Nobody can forget the Beacon controversy and now there is another BIG Policy change rolling all across Facebook these days. And this one is tough, really tough to handle(did we hear why ?) Because, it’s about your Privacy folks.

Privacy is something that’s most critical for any Facebook user, as nowadays, folks live their social lives more on the web than in real. And Facebook is now making changes to that.

Is it really for the benefit of the end users ? Is it really to give you more control ? Really ? Have some reality bytes now…

Facebook is making these privacy changes to actually let your content get indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo and all other search engines around. This way, you are not only making privacy changes to those who are logged-in Facebook users but also to search engine spiders, which will index your personal content, pictures, posts and everything else that can be indexed.

Now simply try to figure out one reason why exposing your private data to search engine spiders is good for you. No, you can’t figure it out because the reason simply doesn’t exist !

So, why Facebook wants to give you more control(as what they say) then ? Because it’s good for Facebook. It’s a way for them to squeeze out more revenues from their network. Opening up to search engine spiders will drive a huge amount of traffic to them, eventually converting to more money in their bank.

Now the main problem with Facebook right now is their approach with implementing Privacy changes to its user base. When you get a notification to go through the new changes they’re making to every user’s profile, you’re not really told the hard facts about search engine exposure upfront(they’re deep buried in the terms and conditions you never read).

So any common Facebook user isn’t all that concerned over the changes being made to his profile.

Will this trouble Facebook like Beacon did ? The chances are poor as the changes do not really affect front scenario but the rear one. And later on, the public reaction will not be impulsive or unified.

We have to say that Facebook is doing excellent job on its part…making more $$ for itself.

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