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Smart1 Leads : Turn Leads Into Customers Through Personalize Communication

Smart 1 Leads is an AI-powered tool to personalize communication with clients that help turn leads into customers. In many cases, as a business owner you might not be aware of visitors coming to your website which can result in losing potential customers. Smart 1 leads is a revolutionary tool which is using the WAZE platform to change that. It is first of its kind tool which can analyse the navigation habits and lifestyle of a user through WAZE platform. This system is powered with Artificial intelligence which allows it to learn and track customer behaviour in real-time.  Smart1 was founded by Todd

Smart1 is a digital marketing firm which was founded in 2009 by Todd Swickard who is currently the CEO of the company. Through their iinnovation-drivenapproach, the Smart1 team has gained va ery good reputation among the clients for their valuable digital marketing services and is growing constantly. With a dynamic team of 25 associates, it continues to excel in offering path breaking lead generation and digital advertising services.

Unlike other WAZE adds, this AI-powered solution can help you track your customer lifestyle right from first interaction which can help businesses to gather and analyse data about potential customers instantly. This platform can help businesses to reach out their audience in advance and increase the ROI.

You can personalize the communication with your customers and choose from customizable action buttons which can be integrated into your website. These buttons on your leads widget will allow potential customers to reach out to you instantly. You can setup action buttons which allows your customers to call you or send a text message to get a quick response. Users can also reach out to your through various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook etc. The widget is getting enhanced every week with new buttons which will help your customers to directly connect with you and help you grow your business.

The All in Dashboard gives the required tools for lead generations and helps you to boost the sales figures. It can measure the times when action buttons get clicked on your website and also gives details about how many times people have requested for information about your business. This is one of the best ways to identify the customer interest and helps you to reach out to them directly which can convert your visitors to leads.


Smart1 Leads is a personalized communications tool which helps small business owners to interact with potential customers for free with the touch of a button.  It is easy to install and setup and offers business owners with customizable set of action buttons which helps customers to reach out to them directly.

How it Works?

It is very simple to setup Smart1 Leads platform on your website. You should first download and install Waze WordPress plugin or add the script to your website. Then you can customize how your visitors see the widget by modifying the appearance and functionality of the Action buttons. It can be installed in any site through widget or just by adding two simple lines of code to your website HTML code. The platform comes with a user-friendly Dashboard which allows small business owners to monitor the leads in real time. You can get detailed information about your customers including their navigation habits and lifestyle which helps you to reach out to them quickly about your product/service.


There is a free version which provides just 3 Action buttons like Call Us, Email US, Contact Us etc. It gives details such as Time Clicked on your website and action button reporting. The economy version is just $3.99 per month which offers additional buttons such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Appointment, Schedule, Free Quote, Chat Us, Text Us, Feedback, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. It provides details such as IP address of the Click, Time and date of the click and also the Location. The Premium version will cost $8.99 per month which will include few more options such as Order Page, Hours, Video, New Inventory, User Inventory, Shop, Listings etc.

Waze and Google Certified Partner

Smart 1 Marketing is a a WAZE certified partner and also a certified Google Premier partner. They have recently established a partnership with Slidely, the global visual content platform which will allow small businesses to use the power of high-quality videos for digital marketing. The dashboard is very helpful to get detailed customer information so that you can reach out to your customer easily. You can start the conversation exactly when someone is looking for your services or products.


Smart1 Leads allows small business owners to create powerful websites with actionable buttons and it does not require any technical expertise to setup. It works seamlessly with almost any web platform. It is the most scalable and affordable digital advertising platform for small and medium business who are looking for a way to expand their business. Customer interaction has never been easier with this innovative tool that helps you to establish personalized communication with your target audience.


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