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Secret to Remove the Front Cover off X-Box 360 Slim

Secure yourself from voiding the warranty of Microsoft , go through the given simple steps to know the secret of removing the front cover off the X-Box 360 Slim .  

There are many ways to dismantle your precious gaming console without breaking its clamps or components. Even though the process of disassembling your X-Box is quite similar to the older version, there is still a risk of voiding the warranty from Microsoft if you open up the front cover yourself.

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Here is the step by step process to take the cover off without damaging your console:

  1. The process begins with removing the hard drive from the console. Start by flipping the Xbox sideways and remove the clips to the plastic grates using a flat head screw driver. Once they have been flipped open, gently pull them out. The other end which does not have the hard drive is slightly hard to open. Use light force to pull open by cramming a plastic tool between the plastic grate and the chrome casing.
  2. Once the grates have been successfully removed, the Xbox sides will expose two more plastic sheets. Try to pry them open using a flathead screw driver by jamming them into the cover and the system and gently pull open. The plastic cover is strapped on to the system with the help of stands that fit tightly under the holes beneath them. If you pull them open then you risk breaking some of the stands. However, it will not spoil your system for doing it this way.
  3. Once these covers have been removed from both the sides, the inside system of Xbox slim will be revealed. Remove the 802.11n card which is screwed into the system. For the card to slide out effortlessly, you can also remove the T8 screw which is plugged inside the internal USB port.
  4. Next step is to remove the chrome casing from both the ends of your console. Clamped to the chip with screws, they can be easily loosened with the help of a screwdriver. When you are trying to remove these clips from the chassis, some of them will come off easily while others will need a little coercion. Start with the easy ones and deal with the tough clips later.
  5. The next step is the toughest of all. The main sides of the case are the trickiest to separate because they are held together with much greater grip than the smaller screws inside the system. There are total of three in the front and eight at the back which need to be released in order to pull the case open.
  6. After removing the casing, start work on the front facia which is relatively easier. Do it carefully as even when the facia is separated from the main system, it is still loosely attached by a ribbon cable. You can remove that by pulling the brown plastic part of the clip and you will notice it gently slide out.
  7. By this step, you are exposed to the inner most system of the Xbox Slim. Flip the console over and you will notice the metal casing that can also be removed by gently pulling out the T8 screws. Now you can separate the motherboard from the rest of the system.

In order to put it back together, just follow the same steps from the bottom all the way to the top.

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