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Turning off jelly splash notifications

If popups while playing game is something which irritates you most , learn the procedure for turning off splash notification .

Jelly splash is game developed by Wooga. It is liked by everybody from kids to grownups. But, if you are not all that into gaming or get irritated by all the popups flashing on the screen then you want to get rid of jelly splash. Because they keep popping up! This game can be played on facebook and can also be downloaded as an app to your iPhone or android phone.

If you are a player of jell splash on facebook but want to turn it off then this is how you go about it. Login in to facebook. Now when you check on the notifications that you have received you can see the jelly splash notification inviting you to play. Just click on the ‘X’ next to the icon. You will be asked ‘Turn off Notifications from Jelly spalsh’ and if you press ‘Turn off tab’ you will stop receiving notifications. What if you are already playing and want to stop?

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Scroll down on the left hand side until you see ‘Blocking’. Click on it and you can see three options. They are – Block app invites, Block event invites and Block apps. You can use single option or two all three. Whichever option you choose you can either type in the name of the app that you want to block, in this case jelly splash or you can type in the name of the person who invited you to play jelly splash. This will block invites from app itself but will not stop it from appearing in news feed or any other post.

To stop it from appearing on newsfeeds, visit the story where jelly splash is mentioned. Now, on the page click on the arrow on the top right hand corner. On the menu click on Hide, and all the stories about Jelly Splash will stop appearing. If you want to remove Jelly splash completely then visit the settings page. Click on Apps which will be on the left. Click on the ‘X’ sign. Now Jelly splash is gone completely.

Now if you want to turnoff jelly splash notification on an iphone

  • Go to settings
  • Go to settings
  • You will find two lists. In Notification Center and Not In Notification Center.
  • Touch ‘Off’ for  In Notification Center
  • If you want to just suspend the notifications then touch on None in the Alerts section
  • If you want to block it then use a combination of both.

There are other ways too. This will stop popups

  • Go to settings
  • Open Safari
  • Touch Clear cookies and data

To stop notification

  • Go to settings
  • Touch notifications center
  • Select all the possible apps that can be causing popups including game center
  • Disable notifications

This game is popular on android phones too. There are two ways to go about it:

The first one

  • When you get a notification from jelly splash pull down the notification bar.
  • Touch down on the notification till the App Info box appears
  • Touch the box
  • You will see a check box saying ‘Show Notifications’ checked.
  • Tap on the box to uncheck
  • You will get a prompt ‘Disable Notification’ with a warning message
  • Touch ‘OK’

The other way is

  • Go to settings
  • Touch on application manager
  • Touch on the Jelly Splash icon
  • You will see a check box saying ‘Show Notifications’ checked.
  • Tap on the box to uncheck
  • You will get a prompt ‘Disable Notification’ with a warning message
  • Touch ‘OK’

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