Killerstartups acquires…Half a million dollars WASTED !!!

Killerstartups acquires for half a million dollars.

We’ve always considered Killerstartups,a startup featuring website,an intelligent player in its arena not only because it monetizes its readership effectively through advertisements but also because it proposes a plan that’s lucrative from a startup’s perspective and brings Killerstartups $500/month from every premium customer(or startup).

And they’ve shown quite a catalytic growth in the past two years.They’re currently bringing more than a million uniques every month and have been effectively monetizing their services as well.

But today itself,they’ve commited the unexpected(and equally immaturish)….

They have acquired for nearly $0.5 Mn

Although some level of SEO benefits follow with such domains but with $0.5 Mn,they could have funded a cluster of seed companies(they themselves are an output of just $2,50,000 of Angel’s money).And if domain names would have mattered so much then would have been the most popular search destination and not “”.

We’ve earlier written about such events titled “5 most expensive domain resales” but we’re more than amazed to see such an acquisition happening at an economic crunch situation.

Today,startups are finding hard to survive,cutting their expenses and laying off staff just to save money and prolong their survival,Killerstartups has shown clear immaturity,simply burning up half a millions for practically nothing.

How could folks running Killerstartups forget that it’s about the Quality of Service that makes a service HIT and not the domain name.

But then if folks have got excess of money in their pockets,they will be keen to find out a way to blow it up as well….

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Lisa

    November 1, 2008 at 8:46 pm

    Excellent analysis!

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