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Photoshop keyboard Shortcuts CS5

Using keyboard shortcuts, helps in reducing time of working upon a tool. Learn some more Photoshop keyboard shortcuts in this article. 

The most popular software for editing the graphics is Adobe Photoshop which is developed & published by Adobe Systems. It has two versions Adobe Photoshop CS where CS stands for creative suit and the second one is its extended version which feature advanced option for graphics editing and analysis.

We have a lot of tool for editing in Photoshop CS5; one of our concerned tools is Smudge tool. This tool is used to mainly for blurring the paint of the canvas. Smudge tool has effect of painting by finger. Just click the smudge icon and drag the mouse button, with continuously holding the mouse button, wherever you want on the canvas. It can also be used for retouching purposes for finishing. You can find this tool on the same button as Sharpen and Blur tools. Blur tool has shape of Water Drop and Sharpen tool looks like a triangle. Smudge tool has finger shape.
Mostly all tools in the Adobe Photoshop CS5 have their own default shortcut key of keyboard. Actually having a keyboard shortcut helps a lot in doing fast and efficient work and practically if we are familiar keyboard shortcuts then we can complete our work faster than with use of mouse.
But it is not like that we should stop using mouse anymore. Actually it can make our working easier if we use mouse less against keyboard shortcuts because it has defined fixed layout of key across the world and the layout is called QWERTY. Keyboard helps us to access tools and functions on applications their shortcuts for example: Alt+Ctrl+Del = Windows Task Manager. To perform specific functions keyboards have special keys. But its excess usage has some disadvantages also like less movement than mouse, learning how to type, learning a number of shortcuts.
keyboard shortcut for smudge tool photoshop cs5 Generally Smudge tool have no dedicated keyboard shortcut like Blur Tool (tear drop), Sharpen Tool (triangle), but fortunately we can create a shortcut as we wish. We just have to go to Edit=>Keyboard Shortcuts=>Shortcuts for=> then go to dropdown menu & then follow the instructions. You may be required to replace values by same for example Marquee tool has M as keyboard shortcut. You have to change it to blank space and then assign Blur, Sharpen, Smudge to M and then click OK. After that just hit M without choosing anything on the canvas and then your tool will be shown in tool panel.
I think the reason behind no shortcut key for Smudge Tool is that Photoshop has already assigned all the letters from A-Z to some more frequently usable programs.
Shortcut for other tools

• For Move Tool use ‘V’.
• For Marquee Tool use ‘M’.
• For Lasso Tool ‘L’.
• For Wand Tool use ‘W’.
• For Crop Tool use ‘C’.
• For Eye Dropper Tool use ‘I’.
• For Spot Heal Tool use ‘J’.
• For Brush Tool use ‘B’.
• For Clone Stamp Tool use ‘S’.
• For History Brush Tool use ‘Y’.
• For Eraser Tool use ‘E’.
• For Gradient Tool use ‘G’.
• For Dodge Tool use ‘O’.
• For Path Selection Tool use ‘A’.
• For Rectangle Tool use ‘U’.
• For 3D Rotate Tool use ‘K’.
• For 3D Orbit Tool use ‘N’.
• For Hand Tool use ‘H’.
• For Zoom Tool use ‘Z’.

So, from this article I think in future you will be able to find shortcut for those tool which are not present by default in the Photoshop CS5. All you need to do is just read this article and follow the steps for making the shortcut of tools like Smudge, Sharpen and Blur Tool then the tool with shortcut can be seen in tool panel.

Hope this article about Keyboard shortcut for Smudge Tool in Photoshop CS5 helped you.

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