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Clutch Mobile Apps Review

clutch mobile apps are very smart apps that help users in many ways, get yourself more informed through clutch mobile apps review.

Remember when Skype was just for entrepreneurs who couldn’t afford a land line? Today it’s for everybody. Lots of entrepreneurs—even those who are financially solvent—choose to stick with Skype for their phone and conference needs. Skype has proven itself to be a pretty great business tool.


Another tool that is becoming more and more popular is Vine. Vine is a Twitter app that allows users to create six second long videos by touching their finger to their phone’s touch screen. At first glance it’s easy to say “oh great, another way for people to goof off.” But what if it isn’t? A lot of professionals are already starting to create vines to show off the atmosphere in their offices. They publish vines showing staff birthday parties. They publish vines showing a few specs for a new product. These are the vines that people notice—they celebrate the company’s culture and get people excited about new offerings.


DoubleDutch is just one of many different event apps that are available for smart phones. These are apps that allow the user to download a conference’s entire schedule (and related information) into her smart phone. The user can choose which panels and events she wants to attend and put them in a specialized and unique schedule. The app will even alert her in advance of her scheduled events so that she can make it to them on time. There are a great deal of awesome apps just like this one that can make the conference go-ers days less stressful (and ensure they get in enough networking opportunities).

Google Hangout

Google Hangout is one of the easiest ways to have a video conference call. Hangout is part of the larger Google Plus—something that many professionals are only starting to adopt. Hangout is free and facilitates conversations and collaboration in ways that other teleconferencing apps simply can’t.

Collaboration Apps

There are tons of collaboration applications and platforms that people can use to work on projects together even when they work remotely. Basecamp is one—it’s free and a great way to work on a project with other people and track the progress and changes you make. Evernote is another. Google Docs allows you to work on documents with another people and see what your teammates are doing as they are doing it—in real time.

Square, PayPal, Intuit

Square first appeared on the scene a couple of years ago. It’s a credit card reader that you can plug into the headphone jack on your smart phone or tablet computer. It allows you to accept payments anywhere. The iPad app even allows you to track cash payments and to set up a “register” to track purchases. Since Square hit the scene, PayPal has introduced its own reader and so has Intuit (as well as a few others). Mobile credit card processing is a fantastic option for entrepreneurs who have physical inventory that they sell at events or while traveling. It also allows them to collect payment for services rendered as soon as the services are complete.

These are just some of the newest and hottest apps and technologies that have been taking the business world by storm.

Have we missed something? Leave your favorite in the comments!

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