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Jeff Bezos Wants to Colonise Space – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Jeff Bezos Wants to Colonise Space, Unveils Blue Moon

Image Credits: Jeff Bezos Twitter

Jeff Bezos has unveiled ‘Blue Moon,’ the plan to send a spaceship to the moon. After conquering the e-commerce industry on earth, Bezos is looking up into the space to conquer it next. Jeff Bezos is confident and hopes to send humans to the moon by 2024. Blue Origin, the project under which Amazon will send a lunar lander to Moon was first announced three years ago. Link.



Uber Sets Share Price at $45, A Lower Than Expected Price?

Image Credits: Flickr Robert Gillings

Uber is moving very carefully towards its IPO on Friday. The ride-hailing company has priced its share value on the lower end of $45. There are many unhappy people with regards to this IPO. With this share pricing, Uber will reach a market value of at least $82 billion. This is lower than the initial expected market value of $110 billion. But the It’s still one of the biggest ever IPOs in the history of the stock market. Link.



Instagram to Target Fake Posts on Vaccines, Finally!

Instagram has decided to block all hashtags that spread fake posts on vaccines. Recently, there were many posts circulating on Instagram that claimed that Vaccines can kill. After the criticism, Instagram finally decided to stop these posts from spreading. Link.


Germany Opens Up First-Ever Electric Highway

Image Credits: YouTube Hessen Mobile

Now trucks in Germany’s Autobahn will be able to draw electricity on a 6-mile stretch of highway. According to reports, this will help trucks to become 90% more efficient. Link.


Facebook Swarming With Anti-Muslim Content, And It’s Not Against Its Standards

 Facebook has said that posting anti-Muslims posts by far-right groups isn’t against its policy for posts. There are several pages on Facebook that are operated by far-right groups and these pages spread hatred against minorities. Facebook did take some actions against these posts but a larger number of such content is still active and is spreading. Link.
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