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How to Make a Bootable USB Drive

A bootable USB drive is highly important for a network professional. This article will tell you some steps to make a bootable USB Drive.

For a user of a network or a networking professional, a bootable USB drive is highly important. It is being used in various tasks and that include installation of the operating system. The reason is that it makes the process of installation quicker and better and at the same time, one does not need to waste a DVD for this job. how to make a bootable usb drive It is a convenient and hassle free job and if you want to create a bootable USB drive for yourself with your own hands, then here we are to help you in this concern in a better way. Following mentioned some steps will help you successfully create bootable USB drive.

  1.  First of all insert a 4GB or more size USB on your PC and keep a backup of your entire data of USB aside, because now you need to format that USB for making it purely bootable.
  2. Next, open your Command Prompt in your system and the way to open it is:

In start menu, type CMD in the search field, and then press Ctrl + Shift + Enter. Your command prompt is ready to use as it will appear immediately on your PC screen.

3.   Now, you can enter below mention command in your opened command prompt.

  • DISKPART + Enter
  • LIST DISK + Enter.

After entering list disk, you will see the number of the disk on USB drive.

4. Now, there are some more commands that need to enter one by one with hitting enter altogether. The meaning of these commands is very much clear with its names, so let’s read on commands given below:

  • SELECT DISK 1 (and name the disk 1 as disk number)
  • FORMAT FS=NTFS (It will take some time to complete, so give it some time to finish)
  • Assign
  • Exit

5. Keep the command prompt open for executing more commands for the next level. You can minimize program for a while.

6. Now, insert windows DVD in PC optical drive and then write down optical drive and USB media’s drive letter.  For instance you can use D as a drive letter for DVD and H for the drive letter of USB.

7.  After that again you can return to your command prompt which you have minimized earlier and then start proceeding with further commands.

  • D:CD BOOT + Enter. Here D stands for Drive Letter DVD
  • CD BOOT + Enter. You will see a message saying, “ BOOTSECT.EXE/NT60 H:  (Here H stands for Drive letter for USB)
  • Here it is the time to copy DVD windows contents from DVD to USB.

That is all, now your entire process is done for creating a bootable USB drive. This drive is ready for various purposes such as bootable DVD and will work on every PC with boot features of USB. So, follow these guidelines and have the benefits of bootable drive now.

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