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Microsoft will release Windows 7 without ‘Internet Explorer 8’ in Europe

windows7In this article we will tell you about windows 7 browser availability. Microsoft has announced that Internet explorer will NOT be bundled with Windows 7.

Microsoft has recently announced that Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s self-owned web browser, which currently commands over 65% market share of worldwide browser usage will NOT be bundled with Windows 7, the next upcoming version of Windows operating system, which is scheduled to launch on October 22,2009.

Such a step has resulted due to the Anti-trust elegations on Microsoft by European commision. Microsoft has previously been fined a sum of $1.2bn by the European Commission for anti-competitive behaviour concerned with pre-installing Windows Media Player with Windows OS and now, when the same situation arrived for ‘Internet explorer’, Microsoft has taken a defensive approach, by announcing exclusion of the latest version of Internet Explorer(IE8) from the default software applications bundled with ‘yet to be launched’ Windows 7 OS.

While announcing the following news, Dave Heiner, deputy general counsel for Microsoft remarked…

“We’re committed to making Windows 7 available in Europe at the same time that it launches in the rest of the world, but we also must comply with European competition law as we launch the product,”

There was another suggestion(more preferred) from European Commision that Microsoft may offer all major web browsers as an alternative for the end user and let the user choose any of the provided web browsers. This particular option was well supported by other browser manufacturers such as Mozilla(makers of Firefox), Google(makers of Chrome), Opera and Apple(makers of Safari).

But Microsoft has finally taken an alternative step (excluding IE8 from Windows 7) to comply with the European commision’s Anti-trust concerns. As Europe is possibly the biggest market for Microsoft, it was quite an expected step from Microsoft before the tentative launch of Windows 7 but this has to be seen if European Commision quotes this action by Microsoft as ‘Insufficient’ and asks for reconsidering ‘Multiple Browsers’ option instead.

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