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Improving Broadband Speed

It gets annoying when you face a slow internet speed. This article will tell you about how to improve your broadband speed.

If you’re suffering from frustratingly slow broadband speeds that makes your surfing experience unbearable, then make sure you check out these critical tips to improve your broadband speed, put together by broadband deals.

1. Check your Broadband Speed

First check what broadband speed is quoted with your broadband package, this is usually quoted in Megs, Mgs or Mbps. Then test your broadband speed here to see if you’re getting what you paid for and if not take contact your Broadband Provider.

2. Go Wireless

To maximize your broadband speed use a wireless router as using cable to connect to the Internet could be slowing you down especially if it’s a long cable.

3. Limited Users

How many people are trying to use your internet connection? Make sure no one is freeloading on your Wireless Connection by making it Secure (i.e. you need a password to access it).

4. Clean up your Browser

If you use the internet a lot then you could be storing up a large number of Cookies, Cached Websites and Temporary Files in your browser. Make sure you clear these on a regular basis. To do this in Mozilla FireFox go to Tools and then Clear Recent History.

5. How far are you from your Exchange

Check out how far your home is from the Broadband Exchange as this is one of the main things that cause the speed of an ADSL connection to degenerate. Any greater than 6km away and you could have problems and you may need to consider becoming a cable user as Cable Broadband is not affected by this.

6. Download Off Peak

While it’s not always possible to surf during off peak periods, if you have a big download to do then consider scheduling it during off peak times as this will reduce the time it takes to download that file considerably.

7. One web page at a time

Broadband Speeds tend to slow up if you have multiple browser tabs with multiple websites open so if you are still having problems then just view one web page at a time in one browser tab.

8. Upgrade/Switch Broadband

If you’re still having problems then you should speak to your ISP and consider either upgrading your Broadband Package or switching Broadband Providers.

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