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Hootsuite vs Tweetdeck

If you are finding difficult to choose between Hootsuite and Tweetdeck then go through the comparison Hootsuite vs Tweetdeck to make your decision. 

Hotsuite and Tweetdeck are two third party twitter client that has been the favourite of many who like to use this, Here is a comparison between the two based on various factors like their cost, usage interface, facility for future scheduling and the speed of operations to name a few.

Since quite some time, people have been assessing some third party twitter clients, who provide the best options. After trying the software and reading user reviews the two clients -Tweetdeck and Hootsuite were found as the most popular ones and worth discussing.

Let us compare these twitter clients on the basis of most important aspects:

Cost of Use

The very first aspect that rings in mind is the pocket pinch. To use TweetDeck, you need not pay in subscription-yes, it is 100% free but with Hootsuite there are two versions-the free version and the paid Pro version. You can enjoy a month’s free trial for understanding the pros and cons of both versions. It is to be noted that, for both of these platforms, the features are same for the free version, but for the Pro Hootsuite version there are added features like bulk scheduling, Facebook Insights and Google Analytics, and you may like this paying only $9.99.

User Interface

Each of these clients offer similar user interfaces, but it is undeniable that TweetDeck offers a highly clean look that is aesthetically appealing. Hootsuite may not be that good for those novices, but once you have figured out the layout you may be at ease.

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TweetDeck Features of UI  Hootsuite vs Tweetdeck

  • You can download desktop versions for your PC, Smartphone or MAC computers.
  • All the profiles are displayed on one screen in columns.

Hootsuite Features of UI

  • This is a browser based platform that can be downloaded for smartphones, MAC, and PC.
  • The browser is compatible with Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • There are tabs for profiles in Social Media, rather than being displayed on one screen.

The tabbed interface proved to be good to organize the profiles. On the other hand, TweetDeck showed everything on the screen, it appeared a little unorganized, as you can view everything then and there.

Scheduling Updates

The reason for taking help of the third party client is for advanced scheduled posts. The advanced posts are necessary because one cannot simply spend disproportionate time sitting in front of social media. For the free versions of Hootsuite and TweetDeck,  there is practically no difference, and they are similar in terms of interface also. But when we consider the Hootsuite Pro version we definitely know that we can set bulk schedule with it. After considering this feature more openly, users have noticed that, for ten bucks, this bulk import option is a truly good deal. You can automatically integrate the RSS feeds, and this feature is valuable. The only downside is that CSV requirements of Hootsuite that were not properly designed and extremely time consuming.


On the same internet speed, it is undeniable that Hootsuite works faster especially on smartphones. The Hootsuite Browser base never demanded system resource. TweetDeck, on the other hand, is based on Adobe Air, and this can be a bit taxing for your system resource. This is important especially when we are accessing both of them on the smartphones!

Working with Multiple Networks

Regarding the multiple accounts both of these interfaces lets you have multiple accounts on social media. But organizing is better on TweetDeck, but Hootsuite provides a tabbed interface for each added account.

The Final Verdict

However,  you will have to decide who wins the battle of the platforms depending on your requirement. Both these platforms let you work with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn conveniently. But where Hootsuite wins the battle is the unlimited features, and it also allows you to use Facebook for Branding pages, moreover, you can use Foursquare, MySpace and WordPress also.

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