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How to Set up Twitter Automated Direct Message

Using automated direct messages facility on Twitter account can save a lot of time. Learn how to set up twitter automated direct message.

Twitter Automated Direct Messages have proved to be a great marketing tool for all new startup businesses and online marketing agents for many years now. Through this service your twitter account sends an automated message the moment a new person starts following you on twitter. The automated message informs the new follower about your new product, service or your newly start up business.

Through this service you and your product are easily able to reach thousands of potential customers or clients on twitter. However, as of today Twitter officially doesn’t directly offer Twitter Automated Direct Message services to its users. This means if you want to activate automated direct message service on your Twitter account then you’ll have to rely on or subscribe to non twitter application services or software programmes.

There are hundreds of applications on internet from where you can avail automated direct message services for your twitter account. How to set up twitter automated direct messageHowever, only few are popular and trust worthy. Currently SocialOomph, Tweet Adder and Tweeting Machine are most popular and trusted application sites and used by millions of internet users across the world.

You’ll have to register yourself in anyone of these popular applications or any other trusted application to activate automated message service on your twitter account. Unfortunately most of the trusted & popular applications are not free but paid applications, however free trial versions are available for stipulated time for demo purposes. After expiry of free trail you’ll have to pay prescribed fees for continuation of services.

Now let us start guiding you on how to register on these popular application sites and how to set up automated direct message services for your twitter account. For our as well as your convenience lets zero only on SocialOomph i.e. in this article we’ll only focus on how to activate Twitter Automated Direct Message via Why SocialOomph? Simply because it is by far the most trusted and most widely used application by internet marketers and internet marketing companies across the world. So, here we start:

  • Login to and click on register to open up an account (either you can go for free trail or Pro version which is a paid version. Free trail lasts for 7 days)
  • Once you’ve registered yourself and successfully created an account, you’ll be successfully logged into your newly created account.
  • Once you’re into your newly created account, scan through the menu bar on extreme left hand side. In the menu bar you’ll have to go to social account – add account – add twitter.
  • After you click on ‘add twitter’, a new page will be displayed wherein you’ll find an option or button ‘authorize access’. Click on that button.
  • A new page will be displayed wherein ‘Authorize SocialOomph to use your account’ message will be displayed. Please type your Twitter user id and password to link your twitter account to and invariably allowing Socialoomph to use your twitter account on your behalf for business and marketing purposes. Please note socialoomph can’t see your password when you do type your password.
  • Once you’ve authorized SocialOomph, you’ll have to fill up a small form. This form lets you configure the optional automation settings. s
  • Now you’ve completed the entire process. Now to get start with automated direct message service, on the menu bar go to ‘direct messages’ and then click on ‘schedule new DM’.
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