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uCoz Review: Free Site Builder and Hosting Solution For Novice Beginners

uCoz is a free Site Builder and Hosting option for starters who want to design their website without any fuss or technical knowledge.

There are several companies serving website creation and hosting services for free(conditionally!) nowadays. Though free website hosting services aren’t generally good enough to get full flexibility and functionality that one can get with paid/professional shared hosting services but still, a novice beginner can certainly create his online identity with free website creation tools and and get started right away for free or negligibly low cost with various available site creation and hosting services. is one such Website creation and hosting service, which is quite closer to premium hosting solutions and also comes at zero* (and beyond) cost to the user. This makes it substantially different than other web hosting companies competing against uCoz and it helps you make your own website for free without asking too much from users.

uCoz helps in creation of any type of website, either personal or professional and allows hosting for free with its most basic model. Though, if you need a fully flexible choice for design, then uCoz will work well for you as it offers various template options for developing an interactive and dynamic website without the need of having knowledge of programming or any technical language.

Using uCoz content management system, novice enthusiasts or professional web developers can easily make web pages representing amazing functionalities like photo albums, guest books, blogs etc.  But, you should remember that you can only use these functions for free to some extent.

In uCoz, you can’t use various CGI or PHP scripts, Oracle or MySQL database etc. Thus, it is beneficial for people, who need only basic functions for developing their website. In other words, people who need to use core technical functions in website may better look for advanced alternatives than uCoz. It suits people with little to no technical expertise, who do not want to spend money in creating their online identity but do wish to show up their personal or professional outlook through their website such as artists etc.

Thus, uCoz is a mind blowing option for amateur people or people who are at the start up stage. Such users can get exclusive benefits by designing an impressive website using an attractive range of templates. These templates come in different themes ranging from transport to Anime.

Take a look at some of the uCoz feature highlights:

  • Amazing Disk Space
  • Hosting offers 99.8 percent uptime.
  • Huge array of templates including more than 250 beautiful templates.
  • Offering YouTube video streaming integration
  • Option for photo album integration
  • You can attach various features and pages like newsfeeds, blogs, forums, ad-boards or tag boards, guestbook and hit counters and polling.
  • Offers various additional functions like creating a sitemap automatically, data backup and website statistics.
  • FAQ support with forum help center.
  • Contact form

Like other web hosting services that are available for free, uCoz also offers website owners to showcase some ads on the website and that is how you get an ad-supported free version of website hosting on uCoz. You can remove these ads for sure bu for doing this, you will have to pay for premium membership, even if it’s the most basic plan.

So, overall we would suggest that if you wish to develop a website for gaining some web development experience with limited features and you wish to do it without paying a single penny, then uCoz is an ideal site creation and hosting option for you.

However, if you want to use it for your business and require extreme flexibility and rich functions, and then you should go for other shared hosting premium packages and complex site designing solutions.


The free website builder(ad-supported) but if you want to remove ads on your website made through uCoz site builder then you will have to upgrade to one of the many premium plans under uCoz paid hosting options.


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