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Automate Your Daily Client Scheduling with OpenCal

This article is about online client scheduling service opencal. OpenCal service that automates all your scheduling & reminder hassles.

If you run a small business that requires regular dealing with clients, scheduling appointments with them and keeping track of daily schedule variations then there are good chances that some dedicated receptionist or secretary is managing all daily appointments for you or your whole staff, via telephonic scheduling with clients.

If that’s exactly your case then you’re probably missing out on automating all your daily appointment scheduling and avoid employing dedicated manpower for this. Plus, you’re also bearing additional expenses by spending on proprietary desktop software for schedule management and record-keeping. Hefty phone bills are also an unavoidable recurring expense for you.

Solution ?

Meet OpenCal, a service that automates all your scheduling and reminder hassles by offering a fully-customizable cloud-based SaaS that allows your clients to self-schedule their appointments in less than a minute. It also handling the task of reminding your clients about their upcoming appointment via email.

OpenCal serves the daily needs of solo/small business owners like salons, therapists,  coaches, tutors creatives, professionals, contractors – basically, anyone that sells their time and it also facilitates a dedicated website, everything integrated and ready to use, in case the business owner doesn’t have any existing business website.

Other salient features include…

  • Intuitive UI, an important aspect of self-serving software services
  • Fully customizable as per the business requirements such as working hours, time-offs, repeat events
  • Drag n drop scheduling, which gives joyful experience for staff members
  • Ability to schedule both online and offline appointments

Here’s an example of how your clients may navigate through OpenCal’s scheduling service and get done with an appointment in less than a minute.

About the pricing part, OpenCal facilitates its Cloud-based service using a monthly subscription model. Three different plans are available for business owners to choose from:

  • Solo plan, $19/mo, 1 staff member only
  • Team plan, $39/mo, upto 10 staff members
  • Premium plan, $59/mo, upto 20 staff members

And before you get to pay anything for this service, you get a 30 day free subscription trial, which lets you start using the service without spending a dime.

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