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The Hottest asset of a Deadpooled company : Domain name*

In this article we will explain you the benefits of premium domain name. A super-common domain may add to your service by making your brand easy to remember.

If you can figure out the similarity between ‘‘,’’,’’ & ‘’,then you won’t find it tough in getting the title of this post (The Hottest asset of a deadpooled company : Domain name*).Here ‘*’ means ‘Conditions apply’.Condition ?? You got to own one of the most common(& desirable) domain names possible on web.

To be factual,its almost impossible for anybody to find such a worthy domain name  now(if there would still be any such unclaimed domain name,domain registrars would rather get those themselves before anyone else finds it out).

These four mentioned domains have been sold for a total of $4.5 Mn within past three months only,with latest being which recently got auctioned for nearly $1.25Mn.Honestly,i haven’t been a positive promoter of such deals as brands are built with ‘Quality of Service’ and not with a mere ‘domain’.

A ‘super-common’ domain may add to your service by making your brand ‘easy to remember’,adding some SEO effect as well but nothing more than that.What matters is the ‘Quality of service'(QOS) and one can definitely think of a less-common domain,and invest that million dollars in improving the QOS.

From an owner’s perspective,a premium domain is definitely an invaluable asset,even if the company/service heads for a deadpool.The company can end their services with good memories at the end(that they made good amount of money out of the last thing left to them).

Thanks Domain Name Wire & Robin

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