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Android powered HTC Dream Press

The T Mobile G1 was the first Android powered Smartphone, released on October 22,2008. Information about T Mobile G1 is given below:

So finally, the much anticipated Android powered HTC Dream has stepped into Gizmo World(press-released only) and Apple has plenty of reasons to worry about…

HTC Dream

First,it will cost only $179 (damn cheap for a Smartphone) compared to the iPhone‘s $199.

Second,this T-Mobile Smartphone will be free on price plans from £40 a month compared to iPhone’s £45 a month

Third, Android blessed T-Mobile has a 4.53″ touchscreen interface and a Slide Keyboard compared to iPhone’s 3.5″ touch screen with no keyboard

Fourth,HTC Dream gets you a staggering user experience (claimed to be better than the iPhone)

Fifth,It comes with a Google Streetview with built-in compass(required for viewing 360-degree panoramic street-level photographs….iPhone lacks it)

Google Street

Sixth,It comes with a 3.1MP camera compared to iPhone’s 2.0 MP

Seventh,All the Google’s web services(Search,Gmail,GTalk,Google Maps,Blogger etc) are well integrated with the T-Mobile G1(undoubtedly better than iPhone)

Eighth……..Nineth……..and it looks like they aren’t willing to stop here…

At the press release,Andy Rubin,Senior Director of Mobile Platforms for Google said

“With Android we are bringing some never-before web strategies to the mobile phone. Developers will be able to develop on it and also to modify it. Because it is open, it is somewhat future proof.”

Peter Chou,CEO of HTC said

It took a “tremendous effort” to make this Open Handset Alliance(OHA)/Android possible.

Another element of surprise was the entry of Larry and Sergey on the stage.They literally came on roller blades.(may be,they were just too excited !)

The buzz about Andoid and the first smartphone with Android is all time high at the moment.We have received a appreciable response to our recent post “Android for Dummies” in the past week.

HTC Dream

October 22,2008 is the date when it will be available for purchase(only in U.S.)

U.K will get it somewhere in November but rest of the europe will have to wait till the next year for their “Dream”.

All “HTC Dream enthusiasts” living outside U.S/Europe are just so Unlucky !

Recently we wrote an article titled “Why NOT to buy an iPhone3G“(Only for our Indian readership).

If,at any moment,any Indian telecom company thinks of bringing T-Mobile G1 to India,they shouldn’t repeat the blunder(which happened with iPhone3G in India) again…

One BIG question…..!

What the hell are Nokia,Sony ericsson,Samsung,LG….thinking this moment ?

Our guess……“Are we anymore…?”

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