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How to Add Your Business on Google Maps

Adding business to Google maps can make it easier for searchers to reach your door. Learn how to add your business on Google maps.

If you were the owner of business, it would certainly be surprising if you could add your business on Google maps. Business owners prefer adding their businesses to Google maps for various reasons.

How to Add Your Business on Google Maps

Primarily, if you can add your business on Google maps, it helps people to recognize your business explicitly.

With the number of web users increasing by the day, people have started turning to the internet for many a thing.

For this very reason, as business owners, it becomes necessary to display your business on leading sites such as Google maps to gain recognition and prominence.

Google maps are one of the most widely used applications on the internet and people use it, not just to find directions, but also to search for businesses that exist in proximity to a particular area.

Note that online recognition of your business plays a crucial role in determining its performance, especially in this rapidly pacing internet world.

List your Venture

This is the first step. Go to login with your Gmail username and password. Once done, click on the option ‘List your business’, that you will find on the right side of the directed page. You can also click on the Add new business option that you will find at the center of the page.

Fill in the Details

Once you have clicked on the relevant option, you will be asked to enter the details of your business. The details include those pertaining to the location of your business such as the address, area and city, contact details of your business inclusive of your email id, phone number, contact person etc. and what service your company provides.

Service details of your business can be provided in descriptive detail. The page also allows you to register the website that promotes your business. In addition, once you are done with providing detailed information about your business, Google maps allow you to categorize your business based on services provided.

It also asks for the working hours of your enterprise and allows for specification of non working days like Sundays. Once all this is done, you are able to carry on!


This is the next step after relevant details are entered in various fields. Validation forms are an essential part in listing your business as it allows for authentication of your business by examining if the details about the business are coming from you.

Google uses different validation methods to ensure security over the internet. Validation can be accomplished and processed over the phone or by postcard. It depends on your convenience.

Once the validation is done, people can see your business when they browse through Google maps. Your business will be listed if search options of people are on the lines of the service provided by your business. The process of searching for businesses is made much easier for users who access goggle maps to get relevant information on any sort of business in a particular area.

Apart from just listing your business on Google maps, Google also provides you with other valuable services that you can use to improve functioning standards of your organization. It assists users with new strategies that can be adopted to improve the business grow by evaluating prevailing market trends. Google also extends services such as offering printable coupons and other relevant statistics.

If you have not registered your business on Google maps, do it now and see the difference!

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