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Google abruptly pulls out of the Ad deal with Yahoo!

Google dumped Yahoo's Deal

The Yahoo advertisement deal has been dumped by Google. The description about it is given below.

Jerry Yang may be thinking this moment “Oh my God…The BIG deal is OVER !and all the expectations of Yahoo! from this deal appear deep dumped by Google.

‘Google-Yahoo! Ad deal’ was possibly the biggest hope of Yahoo! for the past few months,not just for the company’s shareholders but also for every Y! employee who was wishing a “secured” future for the company(even if they themselves are not secure).

Specially when Yahoo was negotiating with Microsoft over company’s worth,the only ‘pseudo’ support behind dishonouring MS acquisition proposal was ‘expected Ad deal’ with Google  to get Y! profits back on track and therefore increase in Yahoo!’s overall worth.

Earlier,Microsoft pulled out of the acquisition deal and now Google has pulled out of the Ad deal.For the past few months,every decision made by Yahoo! seems to be going in a wrong way.

And it’s clear that Yahoo! is in BIG trouble right now.The shareholders are next to hopeless over Yahoo!’s future prospects as the company has lost tens of billions of worth in the past few months.

TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington has penned down his long-time frustration in his post saying…

What Yahoo needs is a new CEO. They need their Barack Obama – someone to make everyone believe that a true leader is at the helm, ready to fight. Someone with a believable plan. Someone who can inspire Yahoo, and Yahoo users, to believe that Yahoo can once again become a force on the Internet.

That leader is not Jerry Yang.

It’s long past time for change.

Yang must go.


Our take…

Although financial climate isn’t good for Yahoo!(and for most of the companies) at the moment and many of silicon valley folks are blaming Jerry Yang for such a condition of the pioneer dot-com biggie,one must not forget that Yang is the guy who founded this big empire and took countless decisions which once established this company as the dot-com superpower.

He was the one who made company’s survival possible during bubble burst and captured worldwide audience with Yahoo‘s country specific versions. 

So,the ‘old CEO’ may still serve well as  “Y!’s Obama” but what he desperately needs is a “Stress-free holiday”(he looks just too stressed all the time) & some spare time to self-introspect his past decisions and strategize company’s future in a better way.A “temporary CEO” might help Yang take such a break.

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