Layoff continues,It’s Yahoo! this time…So who’s next ?

Jerry Yang recently wrote an e-mail to all his employees intimating the tentative Yahoo layoff of alteast 10% of all his staff

So dot-com biggies have started their weight-loosing programme in full blow…

Keeping small-sized companies/startups aside,ebay was the one who inaugurated layoff bandwagon among the godzilla companies and next to follow is Yahoo!.

Jerry Yang recently wrote an e-mail to all his employees intimating the tentative layoff of alteast 10% of all his staff to achieve company’s goal of annual cost rate reduction of roughly $3.9 billion by more than $400 million before the end of 2008.

In his mail,he tossed some words of consolation to the “would be ex-Yahoos” like “We are committed to treating affected employees fairly, offering severance and outplacement servicesbut such words of formality can hardly console any Yahooer at this moment.

But Yahoo! just can’t help it…As laying off staff appears to be the only way to effectively reduce the running expenses of any company and also when the size of an organization is bigger than average then massive layoffs are natural to occur(in such an economic downturn)

So,the immediate question which comes to mind is “Who’s next ?

The phase Yahoo! is going through isn’t different for others and all the big names be it Microsoft,Google or Apple are suffering through the same financial crunch…

Seeing the market performance and business throughput of these biggies,it may be “Apple”,we believe !

iPhone3G,however has been selling like hot cake even today but associated factors like unexpectedly high data usage(and subsequent high monthly bills)



  1. Benjamin Wright

    October 23, 2008 at 7:22 am

    As employees are shown the door, an employer is wise to hang onto their e-mail records. –Ben

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