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X is making likes (almost) private for all users

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast will keep a tab on.


X is making likes (almost) private for all users

Liking controversial posts on Twitter, now known as X, has often caused PR crisis especially  for celebrities. But now no one had to worry about this as X is all set to make ‘likes’ private for all users. Previously, the privilege of ‘private likes’ was only available to X premium subscribers. Elon Musk said that this change was important so that ‘people can like posts without getting attacked for doing so.’ It is important to note that while public can’t see the post you’ve liked but you yourself can always see the posts liked by you. Overall, this is an important ‘change’ that can redefine the way people use ‘X.’


Musk drops the lawsuit against OpenAI for Breach of Contract

Image Credits: Flickr Gillinghammer

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has withdrawn the lawsuit against OpenAI. This decision comes barely 24 hours before California court was supposed to hear OpenAI’s petition to dismiss Musk’s lawsuit. The case, which was filed in February, had accused OpenAI’s co-founders including Sam Altman of breaching company’s non-profit status at the expense of using AI for helping humanity. The lawsuit further alleged that OpenAI has become a “closed source defacto subsidiary” of Microsoft and the latter was using it to fulfill its AI ambitions. Musk was the once the co-founder of OpenAI before he left the company in 2015 owing to serious differences over company’s future path.


Mistral raises a massive $640 Mn in a bid to challenge to OpenAI and Anthropic

Paris based AI startup Mistral has raised a whopping $640 Mn in a mixed round of debt and equity at a valuation of $6 Bn. The company will be using the funds to build more computing capacity, increase its team size across departments and scale its business furthers. But more importantly, this massive funding round will give more financial muscle to take on OpenAI and Google backed Anthropic. Mistral has emerged as the powerhouse in open source LLM models. Mistral 7B, Mixtral 8X7B, Mixtral 8 X 22B and Codestral are some of its open source LLM models that have received positive feedback from the tech industry.


TikTok is testing ‘image search’ in a challenge to Google

It has come to light that TikTok is testing a new feature that allows users to take or upload a photo and find similar photos in TikTok shop. While TikTok Shop always allowed users to search for specific items, they had to depend only on textual descriptions. Now they can also search any product by clicking or uploading a photo. The company is hoping that this feature will help in increasing traction on TikTok Shop. This new feature poses great challenge to Google Lens, which is Google’s very own visual search tool. Image search is also offered by Amazon, which is the direct competitor of TikTok Shop.


Apple unveils ‘Apple intelligence’ – its very own AI System

Source: Apple

At the highly anticipated WWDC event on Monday, Apple publicly rolled out Apple Intelligence, a flagship AI system that will power all Apple devices with several smart AI features. From all new powerful Siri that can effortlessly do specific tasks for you, generating images, generating emojis that looks exactly like you and your friends to transcribing your calls. These several features brought forth by Apple’s AI system looks immensely impressive but its real test will take place when it will be publicly rolled out.

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