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Windows RT Vs Windows 8 Pro

Here’s the comparison between Windows RT vs Windows 8 pro. Complete specification and features are given below.

On 26th October 2012, Microsoft officially launched Windows 8 and Windows RT. In the History of Windows, we have never seen such a big transformation made by Microsoft.

It cannot be considered as a upgrade version of Windows 7 neither it can be compared to its predecessors in any regard. It is a Standalone OS, built to amaze. By now, you’re probably aware that Windows 8 has totally tiles based User interface as it is meant  for touch centric systems, though it is doing good on non touch centric laptops and PCs too.


Apart from Windows 8, Microsoft also introduced the second OS, Windows RT. Similar to the Windows 8 in User Interface, but the difference lies in technicality.

So, the user must be aware of differences in  two operating systems as both have their functionality limits imposed. Here in this article, i’m going to compare both of them on different factors.

What is Windows 8 ?

Just like any other Operating System( Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7),Windows 8 does the same work for users in a totally different environment. Windows 8 is like other Operating Systems  anyday, just the fact that it is much much better with tiles based User Interface. Also, Windows 8 comes with Windows Store, which is a recent add-on and never been seen before feature.

What is Windows RT ?

It is a Version of Windows 8. Windows RT is also known as Windows on ARM. ARM because it is designed to run on devices that support ARM architecture. Usually, ARM architecture can be found in Tablets and SmartPhones.

Let’s compare both on different factors :-


Windows RT: is designed to lead a single life and has a tiles based touch centric interface designed specially for Tablets.

Windows 8 Pro:  leads a dual life, allowing user to switch between touch friendly Start Screen and more user friendly mouse based Desktop interface.

Software Support

Windows RT :  is designed to be run on tablets, it does not support any third party applications.  Only Apps from Windows Store can be downloaded and run on Windows RT. It comes with a pre-installed MS Office ( Powerpoint, Excel, Word) which could be considered a big advantage.

Windows 8 Pro : Can run any Windows softwares and also Windows Store Applications. Though it doesn’t comes with a pre-installed MS office.

Hardware Support

Windows RT solely is designed for mobile computing. It is designed for ARM architecture ( using doTI , Nvidia, or Qualcomm system on chip) based systems and is incapable of running on intel or AMD powered PC.  Using Windows RT on tablet lets you take the most out of the new Touch-Centric Operation System.

Windows 8 Pro : It can run on both, Touch-Centric Systems, as well as Non Touch-Centric, but it is not supported by Tablets and Windows Smartphones. That’s where Windows RT has a role to play. Windows 8 is Designed to be used on intel or AMD powered PC.  Minimum System requirements for Windows 8 are :

Battery Life

Windows RT : can stand upto 8-13 hours of battery life as it is designed for ARM architecture based system which has ability to save power and provide a better battery life.

Windows 8 Pro : Comparing with other earlier Windows, Windows 8 Pro has a better battery life of 7-8 hours.

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