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Evolution of Windows 8 Based Hybrid Laptop Tablets

Here we will discuss about the evolution of Windows 8 based hybrid laptop tablets.

The era of IT revolution has just brought yet another change in the computer technology.  Now that there is a lot of confusion over whether to go with tablets or laptops, there is one more contender in the market, hybrid laptop tablets. These devices are designed to provide the portability of a tablet and functionality of a laptop.

Recently, some of the upcoming hybrid laptop tablets powered by Windows 8 were showcased and caught immediate attention from the gadget lovers. One has to believe that with the success of tablets, people are now more influenced by a gadget that is useful as well as portable. Packaged as one gadget, these hybrid laptop tablets still don’t have a suitable name to call. This magical device works on the power packed Windows 8 operating system, which is scheduled to launch later this year. Microsoft engineers have worked day & night to finally come up with an all new operating system, which is designed to run on different kind of devices, be it PCs or tablets, or something in between, just like these hybrid laptop tablets we are talking about.


Recently, in Computex at Taipei, some of these trendy laptop tablets were announced and proved to be the biggest crowd pullers. The technology critics have already speculated a lot over the success of such devices.  But, at the end of the day, it is the user who will decide whether these hybrid laptop tablets are worth for their money or not.  These have been designed for a bunch of people who land in a dilemma of whether to buy a tablet or a laptop. But there are equal chances that these devices will increase their confusion by giving the users a third optionto go with.

These hybrid tablets include Acer Iconia W510, Asus Taichi, Asus Transformer Book, MSI  Slider S20 and many others. These hybrids are loaded with abundant features. One of the highlights is the integrated multi utility screen. In some models screen can be split both ways while in some models it can be rotated around a pivot to use it either as a tablet or as a regular computer screen.  Some of them also have a memo stylus that offers great touch experience and is specifically suited for hand writing recognition and other office related tasks.  Moreover, these features work very well with Windows 8 and assure a great user friendly experience.  All of these laptop tablets have an estimated battery backup time of nearly 10 hours, which again gives them an upper hand when compared to laptops. The high definition camera in the rear along with a front camera for video calling increases their charm.

Though these laptops tablets will be very powerful and will have a strong hardware, the main power of these tablets will be its operating systems, i.e., Windows 8. Android and iOS might be dominating the tablet market with their great features and apps, and Windows phone might not have been able to stand against them. But this time Android and iOS will have to face Windows 8, which is one of the most sophisticated and powerful OSes in the world. Moreover, Windows 8 offers all the goodness provided by any other operating systems till now. Along with the power packed features, Windows 8 also shows unmatched compatibility with these hybrid laptop tablets.

And in the today’s situation, how can one forget about social network integration?  Gadgets these days never look like gadgets if they don’t have deep integration of social networks and such apps. Thanks to Windows 8’s Socialite app, these hybrids will have a great deal of social integration. The Socialite app offers a classic social interface to almost all major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

With so many rumors running around these hybrid laptop tablets, gadgets freaks are getting crazy about getting to play with one more exciting device. Microsoft has proved its statement that “a lot of new devices will come with Windows 8” correct. We are highly excited to see how these devices turn up when they are made available in the market.

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