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Nokia’s Glory Featuring Windows Phone 7.8

Nokia’s glory featuring Windows phone 7.8 revealed. Nokia Glory, successor to Lumia 610 will be running on Windows phone 7.8.

Nokia has somewhat held onto its Market share (whatever is left of it) with the support of Windows phones. Planning to carry on that legacy of Windows based devices; Nokia is reportedly testing a new Windows 7.8 bases phone, codenamed ‘Glory’. When there were only 2 days left for Nokia to showcase its new Lumia series smartphones at an event collaborated by both Nokia and Microsoft, there were rumors about ‘Nokia Glory’.

As The Verge reported earlier that ‘Nokia Glory’, which is supposedly a successor to Lumia 610, will be running on Windows phone 7.8. Though many revelations have not been there but rumors say that it will be having a 4.0 inch screen, equipped with an 800 MHz processor and an on board RAM of 256MB. There has been no comment on the pricing yet, but it is supposed to make to the markets very soon. Though specifications do not sound much exciting but the phone is set to target the low-end smartphone market globally.

During the Windows Phone summit, it was foretold that Windows Phone 8 will be optimized for Dual-Core devices, so there is a possibility that Windows Phone 7.8 devices may be sold alongside with Windows Phone 8 devices in the market. Windows Phone 7.8 will also be a major update over the existing Windows Phone 7.5 ‘MANGO’ OS. It will bring features like the improved camera functionality, Wi-Fi sharing and hotspot and much more. ‘Glory’ is, in fact, the very first phone someone has heard of which will be coming pre-loaded with Windows Phone 7.8

With this news, rumors are that Nokia phones may miss out the planned Windows Phone 8 update instead they will be given Windows Phone 7.8 which is supposed to make up for it.

It is expected that ‘Nokia Glory’ will launch early this holiday season but there has been no official announcement. ‘The Verge’ already mentioned that one should not expect any confirmations about ‘The Glory’ during the summit, where Nokia will be revealing Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 Windows Phone 8 OS based smartphones.

On the other hand it will be very interesting to see whether this venture of Nokia in the form of ‘Glory’ will be able to outsmart the already existing Nokia 610 low-end smartphone. Where Nokia 610 has a 3.7 Inches screen, ‘Glory’ on the other hand will be having a 4.0 Inches display. Well, for ones looking for a phone with latest and efficient operating system, ‘Glory’ might be a good option which will not be heavy on their pockets as well (of course if priced wisely, which is quite expected).

Let us just hope that this collaboration of Nokia and Microsoft turns up Nokia’s fortune and rescue its already falling market share which was as low as 13% at certain times. Nokia needs to keep in mind that it will be facing tough completion from Samsung as well which has Samsung Apollo and Ativ S on its side which will be running on Windows 8 already.

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