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Twitter to embrace dark mode as default option, announces Musk

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Twitter to embrace dark mode as default option, announces Musk

In all probability, Twitter is all set to ditch the light mode. While responding to a Tweet on Thursday, Musk said that dark mode is “better in every way” than the classic blue theme and that the platform will “soon only have dark mode.” Currently, Twitter gives an option to its users to switch between light and dark mode. But it seems Musk is a big fan of dark mode and it is probably matter of time that Twitter will say a permanent goodbye to light mode. Switching to dark mode permanently is yet another bold decision by Musk, who only few days back announced a new logo for Twitter as part of the rebranding exercise.


Sam Altman predicts massive job losses because of AI

OpenAI CEO and ChatGPT creator Sam Altman has predicted that some jobs are definitely going to go away because of artificial intelligence. Altman emphasized that the jobs that will be automated will completely reduce its dependency on humans and these jobs would be permanently replaced by AI. He, however, did not shed light on which are the jobs that are likely to be most impacted. Altman’s latest remark serves yet another reminder about AI’s potential negative impact on the workforce. A recent survey by Goldman Sachs predicted that 300 million full-time jobs across the world could be disrupted by AI by 2030.


Reddit Tests Verified Brand Badges for Improved Credibility

Reddit is currently testing verification labels for brands. The new “Official” label will appear next to the usernames of verified brands. This help users identify authentic brand accounts and distinguish them from impersonators or fake accounts. Reddit, however, maintains that the label does not offer special privileges or protections and should not be seen as an endorsement of the brand by reddit. The new verification labels are currently in early testing and are only available to a small group of organizations.


Apple Introduces new API Rules to tackle fingerprinting

Apple has decided to take action against fingerprinting techniques with new app store API rules. The new rules prohibit apps from using certain APIs that can be used for fingerprinting. Apps that violate the rules will be rejected from the App Store. Apple has long been opposed to fingerprinting and it has taken few steps to prevent it in the past. Fingertipping works by collecting a unique set of data points about a user’s device, such as the device’s IP address, hardware configuration and installed apps. The new App Store API rules is likely to have significant impact on the advertising industry.

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