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Top 10 Pebble Watch faces

Latest pebble watch faces, smarter and stylish are available in the market. This article will help you to choose from top 10 pebble watch face.

Pebble is a new-generation smart watch conceived and developed by Pebble Technology and was unveiled in the year 2013. Pebble is most notably known for the hype and hoopla it created by being the 2nd highest crowd funded venture. It used a public funding podium named KickStarter. And after facing some initial hiccups outstripped all major records by selling about 85000 units in different stores since inception. Needless to say that the Pebble smart watch is a mass stirrer and the flavor of the hour.

Amongst so many things for which the pebbles are loved for, one is “Watch face”. Watch faces are fancier and decorative faces which the pebbles sport. Originally the watch face was used as a timekeeping device. However, today it is a major fashion statement.

Let’s take a look at the 10 pebble watch faces which are making a mark in the market-

  • Pebble Snap

It supports the feature of controlling the music playback and viewing the notifications on your device without touching it. It takes the capabilities in a more enhanced pattern and allows you to click the photos through it by just tapping the button on the pebble. You can click the snaps from the pebble snap till the application is opened on the Smartphone. Each and every feature like moving from front facing cameras to the rear facing cameras without even touching the device could be taken care of seamlessly.

  • Free Caddie Pro golf GPS Apps

It’s one of the first applications which give ample impetus to the game of Golf. It allows in checking the overall distance by just glancing it down at the wrist. You will not even have to take out your Smartphone, to check the distance at a regular interval. You will be able to check the distance through this device in the proper manner.

  • Run Keeper

This Pebble watch app helps keeping track of your workouts. It helps you in checking what distance you have covered while you were running and also the speed at which you were doing so. You can set a start time and end time to your workouts and also get a summary of all your fitness exercises. It is a must have for runners and any fitness enthusiasts.


Pebble Smart Watch



  • Pebble notifier

It can display any information with respect to the phone calls, Gmail messages, texts and few other app notifications by default. For Android users it sends all notifications to the smart phones and then to the pebbles itself. It acts like a ticker and keeps you updated at all times. If you wish to remove applications from which you don’t wish to receive notifications, all you need to do is check the box against the application on the menu.

  • Poke watch

It has the face with the theme of the Pokemon, with a fight which keeps on changing in an hourly interval. This watch face packs 10 unique combinations which ensure that you are going to view Pokemon at a regular interval. But you are sure going to love the classical format of Pokemon.

  • Space Invaders

The Pebble finally got it! Inspired by the mass fan following of the Space Invaders, it was only logical for the Pebble to incorporate it in a watch face. Users have the flexibility to choose the firing button on the flash HTA screen.  And once selected the button remains active throughout the gameplay. However, you need to understand the pebble doesn’t have enough room to host the application level preferences. So the remaining buttons on the screen lets control right or left directions. The current version is 0.5 and the latest release has been labeled “Easter egg competition”.

  • Pebble Ringer

In current scenario if you have forgotten to switch off your mobile device or haven’t switched to the silent mode before stepping into a meeting. As you can simply use the option of the pebble ringer for switching off the device and keeping it on the silent mode. The application helps in switching the mobile from silent, vibrate or the normal mode.

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