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Top 10 Directory Submission Sites

In this article we will tell you about Top 10 Directory Submission Sites. Here are the complete details.

Directory submissions help in fetching maximum number of incoming links so as to evaluate a particular websites performance and set its priority in search engines. Quality of receiving links also matters to evaluate a websites’ excellence. In order to increase quality back links it is crucial to provide keywords to as many as directory submissions websites and search engines like Google, Yahoo. Submissions can be done manually or via software, but manual submission is largely practiced. The linkages of the websites are divided into groups and sub groups, and the submitted sites are listed in a group.

Let us take the count down of the best 10 directory submission sites.

10. Web Savvy Directory

This directory features manual editing, including editing and reviewing submissions before their inclusion. Its directory is labeled as PICS which accepts directory submissions of only those websites which has SafeSurf or ICRA standards. Its high quality indexing makes it family friendly and gives child safe resources.

Submission Link:

submission-39. Skaffe

This is an international directory which maintain top class contents and has value listing. This is considered as one of the best directory found on the internet.

Submission Link:

8. GoGuides

This is also humanly edited directory, you can search it and categorize by locations and topics. This also covers updated news features and image search features. recognizes its contents and GoGuides is considered as one of the best directories.

Submission Link:

7. Gimpsy

This directory privileges unique method for categorizing sites. This site doesn’t consider subject topics but takes services provided by websites as a key point to consider.

Submission Link:

6. Jayde

Founded in the year 1996, Jayde is the oldest business directories which is also considered as one of the largest B2B Search engines available on the internet. Special features of Jayde include its lightning speed search process and its directory can be reviewed by human. 

Submission Link:

5. JoeAnt

JoeAnt launched in the year 2001 is dedicated only to high quality sites. Websites that are submitted to JoeAnt are quickly reviewed which doesn’t include interference of any competitor reviewer as the websites submitted by the volunteer–editors are automatically registered and doesn’t require any review.

Submission Link:

4. Best of the Web

This is important and popular directory and hotspot for bloggers and website holders. The website that has to be submitted should be complete, and it should be submitted under the appropriate category. Yearly fee is $99.95 or one-time payment $249.95 can also be done. As pages are ranked high from 4 to 5, this directory is highly in demand.

Submission Link:

3. Yahoo Directory

Yahoo directory provides both directory service and search engine. One can separately search as compared to rest of the search engines. The size of yahoo directory can be compared to that of an open directory project, which was probably Yahoo’s first project. Yahoo Charges $299 USD for paid submission, which requires renewal every year.

Submission Link:

2. Google Directory

It is powered by ODP and it follows hierarchical way of categorizing links. Links are sorted according to PageRank and form Open Directory Project.

Submission Link:

1. ODP-Open Directory Project

This directory is known as dMOZ, this is one of the largest and most comprehensive directory and it also offers free submission. But its acceptance and refusal period is quite long. Due to its quality orientation other sites like Google, Lycos, AOL, Excite picks website directly that are accepted by dMOZ.

Submission Link:

Hope this article about Top 10 Directory Submission Sites helped you.

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