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TikTok Creators can now include AI Avatar in their Ads  

Here are today’s top tech trending news. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.  



TikTok Creators can now include AI Avatar in their Ads  

TikTok has launched a new feature for their ad creation suite called ‘Symphony,’ which is built on generative AI capabilities. As part of this new feature, creators can custom design avatars to represent themselves or their brand spokesperson. Creators can also use stock avatars, which are pre-built avatars created from real actors. These avatars have been licensed for commercial use. Separately, TikTok has also rolled out AI dubbing feature, which can translate video content into 10 different languages. This includes popular languages like English, Spanish, Korean and Japanese. TikTok has launched these ad creation features in the US market despite facing the risk of potential ban in the country.           


Google DeepMind’s new AI model can now create soundtracks & dialogues for videos  

DeepMind, the subsidiary AI company owned by Google, may have made a major breakthrough in the field of AI powered video generation space. Its new AI model called Video to Audio or V2A can generate soundtracks and dialogues specifically tailored to a given video. DeepMind claims that what is really special about V2A is that its soundtracks perfectly synchronize with corresponding videos, enhancing the overall appeal of the video. It can also create several versions of a soundtrack for single video. This can really be a game changer especially considering that popular AI video generation tools like OpenAI’s Sora or Deep Machine currently cannot generate soundtracks or music.    


Runway unveils Gen-3 Alpha – its new AI video model  

AI startup Runway has launched a new AI model, Gen-3 Alpha, in the highly competitive AI video generation space. The company claims that Gen-3 Alpha is far better than its previous versions, namely Gen-1 and Gen-2. It can supposedly generate incredibly realistic video clips, almost indistinguishable from real footage, for up to 10 seconds. It also boasts, as has been claimed by the company, that it boasts more consistent videos with natural looking motion. It remains to be seen how well Runway will be received especially when OpenAI’s yet to be released Sora and newly launched Luma AI’s Deep Machine has already created so much buzz in the video generation space.  


Threads API is now Widely Available to Developers  

Threads has finally opened access to its APIs for developers. This will allow developers to create innovative features and third-party integration with Meta’s microblogging platform. Along with this, developers can also tap into analytics with measurements such as the number of views, likes, replies and reposts, and quotes at media and account level. Separately, Meta has also launched a reference open-source app on Github, which can prove immensely helpful for developers. Threads API access will give a new lease of life to developers especially after ‘X’ and Reddit have been restricting the API access to the developer community.  

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