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The About to Start Success-Story of Smartworks in Mumbai

Note: This post has been guest authored by Niharika Sen, a content specialist who has been devoting her time in researching and blogging about coworking spaces for quite some time now. By studying various surveys and statistics she has managed to gain a deep understanding of the ongoing standards in the market of shared workstations.

In a survey conducted among 100 freelancers, small businesses along corporate employees it was discovered that flexible working provides a constructive mindset. It helps deliver growth and helps set a productivity-driven business. Not just the business or the organization gets benefited from it but also the employees stay healthy and happy which in the end is a perk for the overall firm.

It is also believed by many people that if they have control over how and when they work then they are able to deliver better performance. Such surveys help you understand the reach of co-working spaces among working individuals and also you are able to better understand the secret behind their success. Organizations these days are continuously on a hunt to look for workspaces that provide their employees with the independence to choose how and when they work. Smartworks is one of the major players in providing the organization shared workspaces with a number of amenities that are dedicated to providing their members with the best services.

A Team named Smartworks

Smartworks is a team of people who invest their every day in building offices that are targeted at breaking the monotony of traditional office spaces. Currently, it has more than 23 shared workstations that have been opened across major cities in the country. Each co-working space provided by them is built around a wide area of 2 million-plus square feet. Their services have received a 5-star rating from their customers.

Smartworks works on its agenda of shaping the future of co-working spaces in addition to improving the services offered. Smartworks is a team of dedicated members that put in their efforts to provide a hassle-free experience to their customers.

Mumbai’s Success Saga

It already has a coworking zone in two major locations in Mumbai among which one is at Elphinstone(West), Mumbai and the other is at Andheri, Kurla Road, Mumbai. Recently, the team of Smartworks took a step further in their venture to grow their reach as they are going to open a new office at another ideal location of the city. The soon to inaugurate office space will be located at Andheri East and that too at the best cost. Moreover leasing a traditional workspace in Mumbai is not a very economical idea for which Smartworks is here for your rescue.

Having an office in one of the most prime locations of the city is among the major necessities of any organization and that need has been understood and hence fulfilled by the team of Smartworks. The key factors behind the choice of such iconic locations are because we understand the need for not just the organization but also its employees. The locations where Smartworks will be opening its coworking zone is not just close to the metro station but is also close to the proximity of the airport.

Not just the Andheri office but also the Indiabulls Finance Centre is no less than a dream in terms of connectivity. It is only half a kilometer from the railway station hence no problem will be faced in terms of transportation. The co-working space is also close to some of the well-known hotels and malls like Shangri La and Phoenix Mall.

Commercial centers that are located in one of the ideal locations and are equipped with biophilic architecture and creative zones which make them stand out of the crowd of ideal business hubs. Currently, Smartworks will soon be opening a center in one of the major mainlands of Mumbai which is Andheri East. The co-working zone will be inaugurated in the month of January. The customers have reviewed the already opened office spaces in Mumbai and the services of Smartworks have been given a rating of 4.7 which tells much about the quality of the work that it delivers. The soon to open hub of Smartworks will try and match up the bar set up by the two already existing workstations by building it packed with all the necessary amenities in their complex. Hence the employees of the organization need not worry in case they want a quick coffee break or visit to the mall.


Smartworks is excited about its venture within this city and is certain that our coworking centers in Mumbai will become a significant part of it. Since the establishment in 2016, it went to achieve a number of milestones and has managed to book significant positions in the market and we strive to continue the tradition.

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