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9 Tech Celebs…”Then” and “Now” !

Here you will find top tech celebrities and how they have aged, from an ordinary guy to a millionaire or billionaire. Find complete details below.

It’s interesting to look around and realise that the stuff we use on a daily basis, the gizmos we keep in our pockets, the machines we spend hours upon, the place we start browsing web from, the space that keeps us in touch with our friends, the platform that tells us what’s hot and what’s not, the virtual world that keeps us engaged for hours…is only because of some handful of tech folks out there.

There’s no exaggeration in calling them as Celebs, or may be Tech Celebs…

Here, you would see something much more interesting about these 9Tech Celebs

How they were? (Younger and Unknown) &How they are? (Old and Popular)

Here’s the hint about who they are…

  • They are special to all of us.
  • We’re addicted to what they make
  • They’ve built something that we can’t live without
  • They hold the nerve to communication on web
  • They keep us engaged all the time
  • They created the eco-system we live our virtual lives within
  • They built something that dictates What’s Worth it !
  • They’re onto creating The Pulse of the Planet
  • We may even dislike them but we still want to know what they’re upto

Here we go !

1. The Man behind Apple, Steve Jobs(He is special to all of us)

When you look at this man’s history of achievements(Read iCon or this) and try to relate it with the success of today’s rage, the iPhone among other popular stuff(iPod, Mac..), you are bound to find some level(if not ‘great’) of respect for this amazing guy.

Tech Celebrities

The pics above shows Steve’s transition from arising business magnate to an Old but respectful iCon. He may not the richest man today but who really cares ? He is still the iCon of millions.

2. The Richest Man on this Planet, Bill Gates (We’re addicted to what they make)

Bill Gates, the man who envisioned home based computers (better known as Personal Computers) in an era when computers were only limited to big corporations and used to be as bulky as a small car. This guy made the whole world addicted to just one thing….Microsoft Windows OS.

Tech Celebrities

The image above shows the young Gates, sharp & pragmatic and the familiar one, the oldy goldy Gates.

3. The ‘Google’ Guy, Larry Page (They have built something that we can’t live without)

He is responsible for bringing us Google, the synonym for ‘Search’ today. Once rejected by Yahoo!, this guy alongwith his partner, proved all conventions wrong and scripted a new chapter of innovation with endless possibilities. He’s the reason why we get plenty of services on web at zero cost.

Tech Celebrities

The pic above shows how Larry Page grew from a shy Ph.D student to matured Multi-Billionaire.

4. The ‘Google’ Guy, Sergey Brin (They hold the nerve to communication on web)

Can you imagine Larry without Sergey ? He has been equally important to Google’s success as Larry page coz both these masterminds thought of an idea and worked on it, until they turned it a Global phenomena.

Tech Celebrities

The pic above proves how ‘cute‘ and inquisitive he used to look in his early days and the right one shows up his maturity with time.

5. The Yahoo! Man, Jerry Yang (They keep us engaged all the time)

Yahoo! is a web service that probably has the widest and most diverse array of web services today. From Y! Mail to Yahoo! Finance to Yahoo! Answers, the web services never seem to end. That’s the sole reason Yahoo! is still the second most visited web destination today. Kudos to Jerry Yang, who took the early move and became probably the first Dot-com-preneur, convincing the paranoid mainstream investors that Dot com businesses can make it BIG as well.

Tech Celebrities

After looking at his pics above, you would notice that his physical appearance has hardly changed, even after a decade. Seems as if he takes care of his looks decently well.

6. The Billion Dollar Kid, Mark Zuckerberg (Created the eco-system we live our virtual lives within)

He’s one such Harward drop-out kid, who made it to success, absurdly early in his lifetime. At the age of 23, he made it to the list of billionaires and today owns a social network that has the most number of people registered on it , Facebook.

Tech Celebrities

As he is still very young, the transition could only be shown from a teenage kid to a Self-made billionaire.

7.  The Real ‘Digger’, Kevin Rose (They built something that dictates What’s Worth it !)

Kevin rose, the face behind Digg defined what ‘Social Bookmarking’ is. Although plenty of competitors(or copycats) replicated Digg’s concept afterwards but the real taste of success has only come to Digg.

Tech Celebrities

The pic above shows the cute kevin and the right one shows the grown up millionaire Kevin Rose we all know.

8. The creator of  ‘Twitterverse’, Evan Williams (They’re onto becoming The Pulse of the Planet)

This list couldn’t be complete without mentioning the man behind the latest rage on the web today, Twitter. Tens of millions of people on the web have literally locked themselves into this micro-blogging service and possibly spending more time than any other web service at the moment. Despite being afflicted with hacks, scams, spams, phishing attacks & frequent outages, the tweeple are in no mood of switching to any other service.

Tech Celebrities

Here you see Evan, while he was studying in 7th standard and the right one shows the serial entrepreneur who needs no introduction today. If you have a slightest doubt over his young age pic, here’s the reference.

9. The ‘Don’t Care’ Blogger, Michael Arrington (We may dislike them but we still want to know what they’re upto)

Michael Arrington, the TechCrunch guy is among the most influential folks in tech industry today. He is well known (and equally hated) for breaking tech industry secrets(twitter leak?), creating controversies, blaming companies, mocking startups and similar stuff. He’s harsh (unparallel ‘ego’ he’s got) but talks mostly relevant. In tech industry, one can love him, one can hate him but one can’t really ignore him.

Tech Celebrities

Sorry folks but we couldn’t find Arrington younger than this. On the left, you see him giving a younger and healthy smile and the right pic shows how he looks today.

Hope you guys enjoyed it !

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