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Steps to Marketing Your Startup

Marketing plays a crucial role in any start up for its growth. Go through the steps to marketing your startup for its better performance.

Bridging the gap between launching the startup and marketing it, is what really makes our venture, a success. Crafting the startup for the market is another stepping stone in a way. But when done the right way, is sure to bring loads of bounties, success and fame, all abound. But how to do it right, how to market our startups in the best possible way. Should we shell out big bucks to some veteran marketer? Or, lets get straight to the Ground Zero? I think, NO! We would probably end up with some harsh truth and disappointment.

First thing first!

Steps to Marketing Your Startup

Why People Should Care About Your Startup!

When launching and marketing a startup, our sole purpose should be CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, without that, there’s no use, no point of even mustering on the idea in your mind. More is the customer satisfaction, less you(entrepreneur) have to struggle to bring it out into the world. It’s just the little spark can start a prairie fire. It’s not only about the Customer Satisfaction, but, craft the product/service for the praise.

Search Engine Optimization

Social media is good enough to spread the words in a few, but for the real buzz, search engines are what you should look forward to. Yeah, SEO is what I’m talking about. Optimize search efforts, follow the Right SEO tactics and try to rank the name. Make sure people can find you.

Web presence is what makes a startup, a startup, a successful one, the one that stands out from the crowd. Balance the SEO and make it easier to share, bake it in the inner technical working of the system, so that people can share it with ease.

Are You Blogging About It?

No matter what, preaching the crowd about your startup, is the sure shot way to gain their attention. And it’s a must blog about how you started, why, why it’s useful to others, show them your true self, make videos, write the best resource around your start-up. Make sure you’re consistent with that.

Help your customers, people, crowd to the core. 24X7 online support is too much to ask for, but at-least try to clear their doubts in the least possible time. And do, practice what you preach, your perfection(and interest) should reflect in your work.

Offer Beta Access To Few

Call it a marketing gimmick or just another way to market startups, but that sure fill the air with some soot. Invite friends and followers to try out the service/products, you’re crazy about. Ask for a feedback, monitor their response and note what all things they like/dislike about the product/service. Sort out the problems they’re facing, ask if they need some more features.

Or I would say, use Facebook Fan Pages or any other social media as a medium to sort out the issues people are exhibiting while trying out the product/service. Explain them the reasoning behind a particular task, what all you could offer and what not. Be clear and concise.

Reaching The Lords Through Giveaways

Giveaways is another alluring trick to market the startups without having to follow any tantrums and shelling out big bucks to some veteran leader. Befriend few bloggers or reach out to some, ask if they could feature the startups on their blogs, offer them trials – let them try out their products/services, offer few more service packages so that they can serve some of their readers. This would surely, need some investment, but who cares when Return On Investment is in our favor.

So that’s how an entrepreneur can mark their presence on the outside world. That’s how they could market their startups in the best possible way, with the least investment.

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