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Startup: Proximity Grid

Disclaimer: The following data listing has been provided by the startup itself and TechPluto do not endorse anything mentioned in this startup listing. This listing is for informational purpose only. For checking out detailed startup reviews, please visit our “Featured Startups” section

Proximity Grid was founded by John Reimer on Dec 2016.

About Proximity Grid
We plan to put over 100 million “objects of interest” to users “On the Grid” day 1 of our launch (these are all objects which already want to maximise their “discoverability” to the world). We also make it easy for the owners of the “objects of interest” to claim and manage the Grid Card representing it (which is our path to monetization). We make it easy and fun for users to identify, discover, connect with and engage any object which is “On the Grid” in exciting new ways. Finally, we also make it really easy for users to stay connected with the things that matter most to them. We are sort of like a Shazam for objects of interest in the physical world. Touch a button – identify, connect and engage…and most important stay connected!

Proximity Grid
How is Proximity Grid unique
We believe we have created the first app that will make people want an apple watch.

Proximity Grid might be useful for
Apple Watch Users

Business Model
We allow users to claim their “Grid Cards” for a fee. Our business model can change as we evolve as a company.

Marketing Strategies
Social Media

Good Stuff

  • 140 Patent Claims
  • Experienced CEO
  • Unique Technology

Scope of improvement
0 Users !

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