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Startup: onPony

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onPony was founded by Nivi Jasa on Jan 2016.

About onPony
How many people travel every day? And how many deliveries goes in the same direction? So why don’t utilise the free space every traveller have to carry something while earning money and helping to build a more sustainable world?   onPony is a digital platform that connects people travelling with people looking to send something, allowing to earn on travels and save on deliveries.   Whether you are travelling to work or going on a holiday, simply add your trip and wait to be contacted by a Customer for a delivery. Instead, if you need to send something, you can create a delivery yourself.

How is onPony unique
We are developing a better way of delivering that is cheaper, faster, and greener.

onPony might be useful for

Business Model
A fee (105) on deliveries

Marketing Strategies

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Word of mouth
  • Email Marketing


Nimber, Shipizy, PiggyBee

Good Stuff

  • Design
  • Double entry (travel+delivery)

Scope of improvement
Small team

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