Robert Kiyosaki’s Top 5 Rules of Success

He is the author of the longest running bestseller – Rich Dad Poor Dad. He is an acclaimed number one author for money management on all leading financial dailies. New York Times declared him the best seller for six straight years. And has the honour of co-authoring a book along with the current President of the US.

He is an educator, an investor, and an entrepreneur. He challenged the way wealth is perceived for centuries. A courageous man who single-handedly brought a new wave of powerful thinking in wealth creation. He is a rebel. A game changer. An illuminator. He is Robert Kiyosaki and here are his top 5 rules of success.

#5 Learn and play smarter

Robert’s first investment was in real estate in Hawaii for $18000. He made $25 a month on that investment. Paid it with a credit card on 100% finance. Something which the old timers would stamp as “stupid”. However, Robert matured and once again bought a commercial property for $7 million on 100% finance. After all the expenses, it brings in $3,60,000. The lesson is in developing the acumen to learn the difference between the good debt vs the bad debt. Once, you have the grasp of it, just play smarter.


#4 The opportunity comes in hard times

Economies go down and countries lose their wealth. The climate of depression spreads and people lose faith in investments. Volatility restricts the movement of money in the market. However, Robert sees opportunity in hard times like these. He bought a hotel with 5 golf courses during the real estate crash. He didn’t buy them when real estate was booming. Now he is grateful that he waited. He builds his wealth even in times of hardship. Therefore look close enough. There is always an opportunity standing on your door.


#3 Courage and patience

The iconic Steve Jobs was once fired. Bill Gates was taken to SC. And Robert has made his share of mistakes as well. However, he never stopped himself. Being resilient and courageous is his motto. Courage to have the heart to lose in life. Moreover, having the patience to sail through the troublesome time. If it was easy, everyone would make a Steve Jobs of themselves. Therefore, Robert asserts that one needs courage and patience to succeed in life and business. First, you fail and then you win.


#2 Build up your assets 

Purchase assets. Be it an apartment or a warehouse. Your assets are the real wealth. Cash is liquid. Inflation is the killer. Assets save you from risks. It’s the concrete holding strong your financial well being. Real assets appreciate with the passage of time. They bring prosperity. Robert’s utmost success came from his asset build up. Moreover, it’s something he enjoys doing more than anything else. Therefore do not shy away from securing up assets to diversify and consolidate your standing.


#1 Hedge you must

Robert’s number one game changing rule is not to save. But hedge. Saving gets you through. Hedging makes you rich. Learn the ropes. Moreover, do it quickly and do it often. Money is currency now. It’s not gold standard anymore. The oil dictates its value. Savers will lose the battle even before its started. So, start to hedge and stop losses. A true value of a currency is zero. It’s no more a saving grace now. Hedge instead. Understand if something goes down then something goes up as well. Hedge on those parameters and make big on the difference.

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