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Reasons why Windows 8 is Worth Buying

In this post we will tell you reasons why Windows 8 is worth buying. These are the following reasons.

Windows 8 is the new operating system which is yet to be released by popular software manufacturer Microsoft Corporation. The new Microsoft OS will have a new start screen similar to Metro interface found in Windows Phone 7 replacing the Start menu with shortcuts to installed applications. Windows 8 is compatible with tablets as well since it supports x86 as well as ARM processors which are used in tablets. Hence, same operating system can be used for tablets, laptops and desktops.

windows 8

Picture passwords – A cool security feature

It will be difficult to remember long passwords and enter them every time when you need to login to your computer. Also, on portable devices like tablets it will be difficult to type lengthy passwords on touch screen. In Windows 8, security is enhanced with use of picture passwords and gestures to authenticate users for login.

Users are supposed to select an image and perform some gesture on the image and combined information will be stored as a secret password. You can perform different gestures like tapping on picture, drawing a line, encircling something etc. Use of picture passwords reduces the risk of password hacking and also makes it easier for users as they can remember the passwords more easily than ordinary text password.

Secure Boot

Windows 8 is more secure and robust compared to previous versions and has an option called Secure boot that will ensure your system is not affected by any spyware or malware. This technology known as Smart Screen was used earlier in Internet Explorer 9. It checks URLs against a known database of malware links and prevents download of any malware applications. It will warn in case the website is suspected to be a security threat and prevents download of harmful data.

Robust software Updates

Unlike previous versions of Windows, where you get prompted every time to restart your machine for security updates Windows 8 is more robust and consolidates all updates in a month for single restart. Hence, no matter how many updates you make every day your system will not be rebooted but for critical security updates this will happen automatically.

Portable Operating system

Another important advantage of moving to Windows 8 is that it is portable operating system which can run on portable devices like tablets, portable hard drive or even pend drives. The enterprise version of Windows 8 is cool to run on any devices. Hence you can carry your operating system on a thumb drive and use it anywhere which is not possible in earlier versions.

Refresh and Renew options

Generally when you use windows XP or 7 for quite a period of time, you will observe performance degrade due to registry buildup and remnants of uninstalled programs. Due to this clutter of unwanted files, the system boot up and all operations get delayed. The easiest solution in these cases is reinstalling the windows operating system for which you need to take back up of old data and migrate it again to newly installed copy. This process is quite time consuming and you need to spend lot of time for that.

But with Windows 8, there are 2 options namely Refresh and Reset to avoid such problems. With Refresh, all your personal data will be kept as such and operating system alone will get reinstalled. With Reset, your personal data also will be erased and you will have a fresh copy of Windows 8 installed.

Efficient File management

Windows 8 has lot of improvements in file management over earlier versions. In current version, copying of files can be inefficient and does not provide the right details like time estimates to transfer a file. With new version, there are lot of improvements like option to pause a file transfer, improved details like transfer time and graph showing the changes in transfer speed. If you copy multiple files at same time, then all are grouped in single window. Also, when there are conflicts while copying files then it shows clearly the list of files in both folders for better comparison and to skip copying of conflicting files. Also, you can load an ISO image file and access the contents without the need to burn the image in a disc.

Access to Microsoft Cloud services

Another important feature of Windows 8 is that you can use your Windows Live ID to access Microsoft cloud services like Office Web, SkyDrive for online storage, Hotmail, Live Messenger etc. Other cool features include Windows Store where you can purchase all Microsoft Applications , Internet Explorere 10 with improved performance and security etc.

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