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How to setup multiple monitors in Windows 8?

In this tutorial we will tell you how to set up multiple monitors in Windows 8. Just follow the simple procedure.

According to the research, very few people are aware of multiple monitors option in Windows. And of those which already know, only 5% of laptop operators and 15 % of PC operators use multiple monitors.

Starting up with multiple monitors in Windows 7 is quite an easy job, which in Windows 8 turn out to be little confusing as Microsoft has enhanced it totally. Some enhancement we have come across are way far from what we have seen down the line. For example, you can assign a different background to each of the monitor without relying on any external tools. Right click on the image & send  it to the selected monitor, as simple as that. Other multi monitor enhancement let you configure your taskbar to display the buttons, so as to minimize the mouse movements from between the screens.

User access

On Windows 8 multi monitor mode, ‘Show desktop’ options is available each different screen to help user switch to desktop mode easily. Also, all edges and corners are active on all screens, so user can access the Start menu,Charm bar and App switch for any screen.

Setting up Multiple Monitors

You can setup multiple monitor either from the desktop or from the Metro interface. If you’re on the Metro Start Screen, follow the steps below :

Press Windows Key + C or Move the cursor towards top right corner to invoke the charm bar. Once charm bar appears, choose Devices →  Second Screen.

After this, Four options will appear on Charm bar such as ‘PC Screen only’ , ‘Duplicate’, ‘Second Screen only’ and ‘Extend’.

how to set up multiple monitors in Windows 8
Select any one out of the four choices. The one most useful option is the ‘Extend’, as other options results in multiple identical displays or solo display.

To setup multiple monitors on Desktop mode, follow these steps:

Open the Control Panel. Press Windows Key + C to open the Charm.

Click on Settings → Control Panel.

In the Control Panel, Click on Appearances and Personalisation → Display.

how to set up multiple monitors in Windows 8In the Display Panel,  on the left hand side, Click ‘Project to Second Screen’, this should invoke the charm bar with same four options (Screen only, Duplicate, Extend and Second Screen only).

‘Screen only’  is used to switch to Desktop Screen. Duplicate will let you see your Desktop screen on the Second Screen. Extend turn out to be the most useful out of all, it helps you extend your monitor to multiple screens. ‘Second Screen Only’ will let you hide your Desktop and show the connected Second Screen.

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