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How to Clean Install Windows 8 with Upgrade Media ?

In this tutorial we will guide you how to clean install Windows 8 with upgrade media. Just follow the simple steps.

Installing a clean windows is always better than upgrading your current Windows. Microsoft allows you to download the upgrade assistant, that lets you upgrade to Windows 8 without removing the previous version of Windows installed on your PC.

This might sound easy and fast way to install Windows 8, but it involves the risk of running infected files on Windows 7 over Windows 8.

Microsoft’s Upgrade Assistant let you clean install Windows 8 on your system. This is anyday a better and safe way. Also, if you wish to install it on some other PC, you can do it by creating a media via USB or DVD.

What more upgrade assistant can do? 

1. Upgrade assistant scans your system to see if everything will work fine with Windows 8.
2. Gives you option to download,buy, and install Windows 8.
3. Creates a compatibility report for your system.


1. 2GB Ram and 18 GB free hard disk space.

2. 1GHZ Processor or more.

3. 1366 x 786 screen resolution.

4. Directx 9.

5. Microsoft account to access some features.

6. Internet on your PC.

7. Multitouch Monitor to use touch features.

How to clean install Windows 8 with upgrade media

1. First step is to download the upgrade assistant on your system from the link below :

2. Run the downloaded file on your computer. This should open the Upgraded Assistant on your computer, that will check to see the compatibility of your system with Windows 8.

3. Once the compatibility check is done, you will see ‘Here what we found’ Window with brief of what is compatible and what is not.

4. If you find your Windows compatible, then click ‘Next’.

5. You should now see a ‘choose what to keep’ Window. To clean install, select ‘Nothing’ and click ‘Next’.

6. You have to buy Windows 8 before you proceed. Click on ‘Order’ button and follow the instruction to make your payment.

7. Once you have made the payment, You will see a ‘thanks for your order’ screen with your unique Product Key.

8. Next step is to install Windows 8 on your PC.

9. In the Installation Window, click on ‘Download Windows 8’.

10. You should see ‘Checking the download and getting files ready’ message once
the download is complete.

11. On the installation Window, select ‘Install by creating media’ and click ‘Next’.

Do not click on ‘Install now’ as it will upgrade the present Windows, which is not a clean install method.

12. On ‘Choose which media to use’ screen, choose USB drive and follow the instructions to complete the process.

13. If you want to install Windows using disc, choose ‘Create a ISO file’.

14. Select the location to store the ISO file on your computer and Click  on ‘Save’.

15. Wait till the ISO file is being compiled. Once the compilation is done, you will receive  a ‘Window.iso’ file on your PC.

16. Burn the ‘Windows.iso’ file onto a disc by clicking  ‘Burn ISO file to DVD’ or just skip this step to use any other disc burning software.

17. You can clean install Windows 8 pro anytime from the USB drive or DVD on your system.

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