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How to get Aero effect back in Windows 8 ?

This article will guide you to how to get Aero effect back in Windows 8. Here’s the complete procedure.

Just when I started having the feel of Aero themes  in Windows 7, and expected the same from Windows 8, Microsoft played with my heart, as I couldn’t find it in Windows 8. But this didn’t stop me here. As they say ‘Seek and you shall find’. I just did the same and explored it to the extent of it. And I found that some of the Aero themes still exist and can be enabled.

Also, the Aero snap and Aero shake features still works. When you drag a particular Window to the left/right top edges of the screen, Aero snap brings that Window into focus and when you shake a particular Window, Aero shake brings the same Window into focus.

Lets see how to get Aero theme back in Windows 8.

Follow these steps :

1. On the desktop, right click on the screen and select Personalise option.

2. In the Personalize Window, Choose ‘High Contrast White’ theme.

3. Once the ‘High contrast White’ theme is applied, click on ‘Colour’ option below. You should see a Colour and Appearance Window (Shown below).

4. Leave the ‘Color and Appearance’ Window as it is and go to the Desktop. On the Desktop Screen, Press Windows key + C (Or move the mouse to extreme top right corner of the screen)  to invoke the charm bar. Now go to Settings → Personalisation.

5. In the Personalisation Window, Choose any of the ‘Windows Default Themes’.

6. Once the Windows Default  theme is applied, Open ‘Color and Appearance’ Window you left open in Step 4 and Click on ‘Save changes’.

You will now see Windows with transparent borders. Close enough to Aero themes, but not really Aero. Also, you would see corrupt graphics for some Windows.

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