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How to Add Administrative Tools to Start Screen in Windows 8?

In this article we will guide you how to add administrative tools to Start screen in Windows 8. Here’s the complete procedure.

Since Microsoft has removed Start button, it has become difficult to access things in Windows 8. We all are used to the typical Windows Start button which provide access to nearly everything in previous version of Windows.

With Windows 8, it becomes bit difficult for newbies to figure out what application is located where. Specially when it comes to Administrative tools. Thinking back when things were so easy and fast in earlier versions of Windows, you just had to click on Start button to access anything and everything.

Microsoft, so far has been successful with Windows, but they have locked the doors to programs and applications in Windows 8. Removing Start button could be seen as one such attempt. I still wonder, what made Microsoft do that ?

Anyhow, let’s see how can you add administrative tools to your Start Menu.

Follow these Simple Instructions

1. On the Start Screen, Press Windows key + C (or move your mouse to the extreme top right corner of the screen) to invoke the Charm bar and Click on ‘Settings’.

2.  In the Settings Charm bar, you will see three different option( Start, Tiles and Help). Click on ‘Tiles’.

3. This will open the Tiles Charm bar with two different options (Show Administrative tools and Clear my data from tiles)
Move the Switch towards right(on) to see administrative tools on the Start Screen.

Now close the charm bar and go to the Start Screen. Move the screen towards right and you should see various administrative tools such as Task scheduler, ODBC Database Management, Performance Monitor, Windows Services, Component Services, Windows Firewall, Defragment and Optimise Drives, System Information, Computer management, System Configuration and more.

If you do not wish to continue keeping administrative tools on the Start Screen, just move the switch towards left (off). Or if you wish to remove any specific administrative tool, just right click on the same and choose ‘Unpin from Start’.

You can also group together all the administrative tools/apps :

1. Move all the tools/apps together using the mouse.

2. Click on the minimize button present at the extreme right corner of the Start Screen.

3. The screen will zoom out and you should see different groups of applications.

4. Right click on the group and then click on ‘Name group’ option which appears at the bottom of the screen.

5. Give a name to the selected group.

Go back to the Start Screen to see the changes.
Happy grouping!!!!

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