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How To Add Sticky Notes In Windows 8

If you want to add sticky notes on Windows 8 similar to Windows 7 and want to use this app then learn here how to add sticky notes In Windows 8.  

In the physical world we use the sticky notes to stick bits of information on suitable surfaces. Windows 7 provided you with a similar feature which could be used to paste bits of information on the desktop. It was integrated with the operating system. Windows 8 also has something similar except that you have to add it as an app.

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Sticky notes is allows you to jot down notes or make a to do list or some other thing. It is then placed on the desktop. It can be moved to any part of the desktop. What you cannot do is format like a word processor as it is not one. You can add as many of these notes as you want.

So, how to add sticky notes in Windows 8? Like mentioned earlier it is available as an app in the Windows Store. You can download it just like you would download any other app from the store. In case you are not familiar with the downloading this is how you would do it.

  • Log on to your Windows 8 computer to which sticky notes is to be added.
  • On the Start screen click on the desktop tile to view the desktop.
  • Once on the desktop screen let the mouse hover over the right hand corner on the bottom.
  • You will get some options and from them choIf you want to add sticky notes on Windows 8 similar to Windows 7 and want to use this app then learn here how to add sticky notes In Windows 8.  ose Search.
  • Once the Search pane is opened select Apps from the category.
  • Type Sticky Notes and press enter.
  • To download the app just click on Install and it will be installed.
  • To use it just click on the icon.

If you need more sticky notes just click on the ‘+’ sign and if you want to remove a sticky note just click on the ‘x’ sign. Sticky notes can also be resized. You can change the color of the Sticky Note if you don’t like the present color. The options are yellow, blue, green, pink, purple and white. While you cannot do a lot of formatting on it you can use basic formatting techniques. You can make the texts bold or underline them. Make them into italics or strikethrough them. You can even increase or decrease the text size. Also if you need to have a bulleted or a numbered list you can have that too. The keyboard shortcuts for all these are the same as Word.

You can even add sticky notes to other applications like Word. You will have to key in the information beforehand. You can then paste it on to the word document. Just go to the spot where you want your sticky note to appear. Now click on the note and press the Alt & Print Screen keys at the same time. Now come back to the word document and just click and choose paste to paste the stick note. If you want to make changes to the note then you cannot do it inside the word document. Make changes to the original one. Delete the one pasted in the Word document. Now, just copy & paste the altered sticky note.

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