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How to take full Ownership of Files in Windows 8?

In this tutorial we will guide you how to take full ownership of files in Windows 8. Just follow the simple procedure.

Windows 8 and its predecessors let us take full control over the files and folder, which is a part of security. This is also known as taking administrative control or rights over the files and folders you don’t have permission to move, rename or delete. These files are usually system files that Windows don’t let user take control in order to maintain the security.

The administrative rights by default are given to the first account holder i.e admin.

In Windows 7, it was easy to choose owner for the files from the list of accounts available. However this has become complicated in Windows 8. In this article I’m going to tell you how to take full control over the files and folder.

Follow these simple steps

1. Choose the file or folder on which you want to gain full control..

2. Right Click on the same file or folder, and open ‘Properties’.

3. Go to ‘Security’ tab on the Properties Window.

4. In the Security tab, Click on ‘Advance’ (For special permissions or advance settings).

5. On the Advance Security Window, Click on ‘Change’.

6. This should open a new Window box (Select user or group) like this

Enter the username of the current account you are log in with and click on ‘Check Names’ to make sure that you have entered the correct user account name.

7. Once you have entered the username, click on ‘Ok’.

8. You should now be listed in the Permission Entries.

9. Now Click on ‘Apply’. Windows will show a ‘Obligatory Notice’ like this:

Click ‘Ok’ after you have read the notice.

10. Back on the security tab, select the username you listed in the permission entries and click on ‘Edit’.

11. While selecting the Username, mark the ‘Full control’ box.

12. Click on ‘Apply’ to make changes.

Now you have full control over the file/folder. You can now rename, move, delete or do anything you want to do with the file, which means that you have the administrative rights to the folder.

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