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How to Make Windows 8 Portable

 In this post we will guide how to make Windows 8 Portable. Here is the complete procedure.

If  you are familiar with Linux, then you might know that Linux Live allows you to use it on different systems without installing it on primary space of the system. Also, It allows you to load the operating system on your computer’s memory using a bootable USB or CD drive.

Whereas, Windows is short of such feature or has been until now. With Windows 8 enterprise version comes a new feature which allows user to boot and run Windows using the ‘Windows To Go’ feature. In this tutorial I’m going to tell how you can create a portable Windows 8 on your USB drive.


1. Windows 8 Enterprise must be installed on your computer.

2. Windows Installation Media.

3. USB Pen Drive with minimum 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit) of memory.

 Windows to go is a tool that lets you run Windows 8 Enterprise from a storage device such as USB. After you have installed Windows 8 Enterprise on your computer, you will see ‘Windows To Go’ feature in your Control Panel.

 You can download Windows  8 Enterprise from here: http:

Make Windows 8 Portable

1. Press Windows Key + C to invoke the charm bar. Click on Settings → Control Panel.

 2. In the ‘Control Panel’, Click on ‘Category’ and choose ‘Small icons’. 

3. Look for ‘Windows To Go’ option now and open it.

 4. It will display USB drives currently connected to your PC. Select the USB drive on which you want to install Windows 8. Once you have selected the drive, Click ‘NEXT’.

 5.  Now, the Setup Wizard will look for installation files to be installed on your USB drive. Once the setup wizard is done, Click ‘Next’.

 6. Bitlocker could ask you to set up a password, but you can skip it for now.

 7. Now, wizard will confirm if you want to continue or not as USB will be formatted. Click on the ‘Create ‘option to continue.

 8. You’re done. Windows Portable USB drive can be used on any PC or Laptop. 

Note: This portable USB device might not work with some Explorers and create an issue.

 You are ready to use bootable USB device with portable Windows 8, but you cannot use your same USB for other purpose than. You can anytime format your device. To do the same, follow the instructions given below :

 1. Run the command prompt,  type the command ‘Diskpart’ and  Press Enter. 

2. A new command prompt will open. Type the command ‘list disk’. This will show the list of all the hard disk connected to your PC. 

3. Select the drive you want  to format by typing the command ‘Select disk’ and selected drive’s number (as shown below).

4. Next task is to Clean the selected disk.

Type the command ‘Clean’  in the command prompt.

Note : With the “CLEAN” command, all files on the selected drive will be automatically deleted without any warnings.

You’re done with the procedure. Disk will be formatted automatically.

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