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How to Change Number of Items in Windows 8 Jump List?

In this tutorial we will guide how to change number of items in Windows 8 Jump list. Here’s the complete procedure:

In Windows 7, we had this amazing new feature ‘Jump list’ which is now continued to be amazing in Windows 8. Jump List is just like shortcuts on Desktop. It gets you where you want to be. Jump list heads you right to the pictures, documents, songs and websites which you turn to every day. 

It provide different results when viewed for different programs. Like for websites, it shows list of most recently visit web pages, for Window Media Player, it shows the most frequently played songs.

Also, you can add your favorites to the Jump list. On the taskbar, Jump list includes recently opened files and documents, while on start menu, it includes your favorites along with recently opened files.

In Windows 7, the number of programs to be displayed in Jump list is set to 10 by default, and so does in Windows 8. But you can anytime change the numbers to be displayed.

Here’s how to do it

1. Right click on the taskbar and click on ‘Properties’. This should open the ‘Taskbar Properties’ Windows.

2. In the ‘Taskbar Properties’ Windows, You will see three options (Taskbar, Jumplist and Toolbars).

3. Click on ‘Jumplist’ tab.

4. You will notice that the number of recent items to be displayed is set to ‘10’ by default. Change the number of recent items you want to display in Jump list.

5. Click ‘Apply’ to save changes and close the ‘Taskbar Properties’ Window.

Bingo!!!! You’ve successfully changed the recent number of items to be displayed in jump list.

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