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How to disable USB Ports in Windows 8

In this tutorial I’m going to tell you how to disable USB ports in Windows 8. If you do not want anybody else to plug-in USB device into your system.

You can anytime disable or enable all the USB ports of your Laptop/PC. But before that, make sure that USB drivers are installed. And if installed, make sure that USB drivers are not corrupted and USB ports are working properly. To check USB device drivers, follow these instructions :

1. On the desktop screen, right click on ‘My computers’, and then Click on ‘Properties’.

2. In the Properties Window, Click on ‘Device manager’ option.

3. A new Device Manager Window will open with many different device options. Go to ‘Universal Serial Bus Controllers’.

Expand the ‘Universal Serial Bus controllers’ option to check that drivers for each USB is working properly.

How to Enable/Disable USB ports

Once you have cross checked that all USB drivers are working properly,  you can enable or disable all the USB ports of your systems.

The procedure is same as above to an extent.

1.Right Click on My computers, Go to Properties → Device Manager → Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

2. Now expand  ‘Universal Serial Bus controllers’ option. You should see a list of  USB Controllers.

3. To disable a USB port, Right Click on ‘USB Root Hub’ and then click ‘Properties’.

4. In the USB Root Hub Properties Window, Go to ‘Drivers’.

6. Click on ‘Disable’ option to disable the selected device. Repeat the same for other USB root hub to disable other USB ports.

Click ‘Ok’ to make changes. Now Connect a USB device to your PC/Laptop and you will notice nothing is happening on the system.

Enable the USB Drivers to connect USB to your PC/Laptop.

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