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How to do Disk Error Checking in Windows 8

In this tutorial we will guide you step by step on how to do Disk Error Checking in Windows 8. Just follow the simple steps.

You might have face a situation when your computer starts acting abnormal, like restart automatically, hang too much, flash player and application crashes etc. In that case, what will you do ? Install the whole operating system again ? Well, most of the people do this. But before you do the same, try cleaning up your disk. Disk cleanup removes the corrupt files and folders from the system to increase performance.


How to perform disk cleanup in Windows 8.

1. Double click on My computer to open it.

2. Right Click on the drive you want to perform disk cleanup on and select Properties.

3. On the Properties Window, go to the Tools tab.

4. Under the Tools tab, Click on the ‘Check’ option with a message ‘This will check the drive for system errors’.

5. You should see a Error Checking Pop up Window with two options (Scan Drive, Scan and repair Drive)/.

6. Click on ‘Scan Drive’ option. Windows will start scanning for the errors on the selected drive.

7. Wait until scanning completes. Once it is done, you will get the scanning report.

8. Second option is ‘Scan and Repair’.  When you choose this option you won’t be able to work on your computer while the Windows perform disk checkup.

9. You can also schedule Scan and Repair. To do this, click on Scan and Repair option, and choose ‘schedule on next startup’.

Next time you start you computer, Windows will automatically scan and repair the errors at the startup only. It is always good to perform disk cleanup from time to time to avoid shady errors on your system. If cleaning up disk doesn’t fix the error, then you might need to reinstall Windows 8 on your system. See our article : How to repair/fix errors in  Windows 8?

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