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Here’s what made PDC2008 event happening !!!

Here’s PDC2008 event details. The event(October 27-30) disclosed some of the most talked about projects of Microsoft(including Windows 7)

Although PDC2008(Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference 2008) was nowhere hyped compared to large scale events like WWDC(Apple’s) but this time,there were some good surprises by Microsoft to put forward.

The event(October 27-30) disclosed some of the most talked about projects of Microsoft(including Windows 7) and overall,the event has somewhat indicated Microsoft’s intentions of dominating online business landscapes from now onwards.

On day 1(Oct 27),Microsoft announced Azure,which is a stack of cloud services that will stand as a competitor to Amazon’s S3 and Rackspace’s Mosso

Azure SDK comes with Windows Azure which will serve as the foundation for applications that will run in the cloud.The concept is about turning servers into a ubiquitously distributed operating system and therefore running applications that both interact with PC-based applications and run within a web browser as well.

Although Amazon’s  Elastic Cloud Computing(EC2) has been the pioneer in this space but Microsoft has its expertise in building operating systems and this concept looks more like an extension of their expertise into cloud computing space.

MS is looking to provide not just the OS but every associated cloud service.And with its deep pockets and its countless evangelists shouting about their “new” Azure service,Rackspace and Amazon’s EC2 will have a tough time.Such a competition also indicates the ‘reduced pricing’ of cloud services in the time to come.

On day 2(Oct 28),they gave a sneak peak of Windows 7,the much talked about successor of Windows which is expected to take MS on a high after disappointing response to Windows Vista

In terms of user experience,they’re looking just a follower to Mac but Windows 7 will probably be more “user-centric”.

On day 3(Oct 29),they uncovered Web-based versions of MS Office.This does not mean that other services such as Zoho are going to extinct but they may suffer a lot in terms of customer-drift.

This step also indicates that Microsoft has finally understood the power of internet(they underestimated earlier) and want all their offline monopolist services to dominate online sphere as well.

On day 4(Oct 30),MS released new Mac and Mobile versions of Mesh and elaborated how this will enable new kinds of web-connected apps to be built.

Looks like Microsoft’s PDC 2008 was majorly the sneak peak at their upcoming plans of  “Seamless Online Integration” and showing up successor of Windows.And they can’t be underestimated at all.

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